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Emergency Needlestick/Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure for Employees of the University of Cincinnati


IF indicated, HIV prophylaxis should to be started within TWO hours.
  • Cleanse wound with soap and water and irrigate area with saline. For eyes, irrigate with water, saline, or sterile irrigants.
  • Arrange for source patient blood tests to be ordered by the provider responsible for the source patient's care 

    Baseline SOURCE Tests are to include:

    Hepatitis B surface Ag

    Hepatitis B core IGM

    Hepatitis C Ab

    Rapid HIV

  • Receive care from your medical provider or the nearest emergency department that accepts your insurance.

Reporting Instructions 

Please report your incident according to the schedule below:
  • Monday - Friday
    University Health Services (UHS), from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., by calling 513-584-4457 or visiting the UHS Holmes Location (Medical Campus). It is best to call first to ensure the office is open.
  • Nights, Weekends, and University Holidays/Closures
    University of Cincinnati Medical Center or your nearest emergency department. If you need advice call 513-584-STIX. Follow up with University Health Services the next workday at 513-584-STIX or 513-584-4457
  • If away from Cincinnati.
    Go to any hospital emergency room where you can get immediate care.  If you need advice, call UHS (513-584-4457) or the University of Cincinnati Medical Center operator (513-584-7777 or 513-584-PAGE) and page the UHS provider on call. Report your exposure to UHS at 513-584-STIX or 513-584-4457.


Revised 10/9/2018

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