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Gratitude Awardees

A spotlight on faculty, students, and staff who go above and beyond their duties to contribute to UC’s quality and excellence, to foster a diverse, inclusive workplace and campus, and help lift the culture around us.

Gratitude Awards

The College of Medicine would like to recognize and show appreciation to faculty, students, and staff who are stepping up to show their dedication and empathy, and who are living into the College of Medicine’s culture of caring. The Gratitude Award is created and funded through personal donations by the members of the Dean’s Cabinet and is an opportunity to spotlight those who go beyond their duties to contribute to UC’s quality and excellence, to foster a diverse, inclusive workplace and campus, and help lift the culture around us.

Please note, we will no long be accepting nominations for this award. However, we will continue to recognize those who have already been nominated over the next few weeks. 

It is with pleasure that we recognize the following recipients of the Gratitude Award:

Gratitude Awardees

Ahmed Memon, MD
Alex Maus
Alexandra Gillotte
Alice Mills, MD, MPH
Ameet Chimote, PhD
Amy Itescu
Amy Zonker
Andrea Oaks
Angela Doud
Angela Jackson
Angie Duke
Anindita Mukherjee
Anita Flesher
Annie Song
April Dostie
Aram Zabeti, MD
Ardythe Morrow, PhD
Art Pancioli, MD
Aurora Bennett, MD
Barb Gadzinski
Barbara J. Walker, PhD
Becky Trippel
Begoña Campos-Naciff, PhD
Beth Horton
Bette Young
Birgit Ehmer
Bryan Mackenzie, PhD
Carissa Lester
Carrie Heyd
Catherine Behrmann
Charles Prestigiacomo, MD
Christopher Hall
Christy K. Holland, PhD
D. Anderson Millar, MD
Dana Buesing
Dani McBride
Danielle Weber, MD
David Nolan
Dawn Skirpan
Dustin Calhoun, MD
Elizabeth Chamberlain
Elizabeth Costea
Eric Smith, MD
Erin Thase, PhD
Farzaan Kassam
Frankie B. Kropp
George Smulian, MD
Gina Burg
Glenn Talaska, PhD
Hamza Rayes, MD
Heather R. Christensen, PhD
Helen (Gina) Shelton
Jack Kues, PhD
Jackie Fiore
Jarren Oates
Jennifer Bedel
Jenny Baer
Jermaine Fields
Jiajie Diao, PhD
Jianyong Ma
Joanne Tetens-Woodring, DVM
Joyce Sorrell
Julie Karpe
Kathy Alwell
Kathy McCann
Keith Harker
Kelly Brunst, PhD
Kelly Niederhausen
Kevin Haworth, PhD
Kevin Milligan
Kieran Phelan
Kim Hasselfeld
Kim Hawkins
Kit Qualls
Kristin Hudock, MD, MSTR
Kristy Espay
Kristy Wilson
Laura Garrison
Laura Juliani
Laura L. Malosh, PhD
Laurie Flaherty
Lindsay Stover
Lisa Arustamyan
Lisa Martin
Lo'Rain Drais
Maggie Baker
Maggie Powers-Fletcher, PhD
Maria Hooker
Matthew Schauseil
Michele Wyan
Michelle Saemann
Mike Linke, PhD
Missy Randolph
Mohanjit Singh
Nancy Kleene, PhD
Ned Donnelly
Neil Holsing
Nnenna Ifeanyi
Patti Cox
Peirce W. Johnston, MD,
Rebecca Ahlbrand
Reena Shah, MD
Renee Henry
Richard Becker, MD
Romana Saeed
Sakthivel Sadayappan, PhD, MBA
Sarah Ronan-Bentle, MD
Scott Langevin, PhD
Senu Apewokin, MD
Shannon Conrey
Sharon Kohrs
Shawn Krishnan
Sissy Davidson-Baker
Sofia Chinchilla
Sonya Kirkland
Stanley DeVore
Stephanie Donnelly
Stephanie Morris
Stephanie Schuckman
Steve Knost
Stewart W. Wright, MD, Med
Susan Waltz, PhD
T. Alex Ruwe
Tashia Harris
Taylor Coughlin
Tazheh Kavoosi
Tiffany Gray
Tina M. Sandfoss
Todd Schutter
Tracy Pritchard, PhD
Victoria Stump
Yolanda Wess

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