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Photo of  Michael Wagner, PhD

Michael Wagner, PhD

Research Associate Professor-Affiliate

Pediatrics | College of Medicine

  • Doctoral Degree: Cornell University (Operations Research)
  • Master's Degree : Cornell University (Operations Research)
Contact Information

Peer Reviewed Publications

Biesiada J, Chidambaran V, Wagner M, Zhang X, Martin LJ, Meller J, Sadhasivam S. 2014. Genetic risk signatures of opioid-induced respiratory depression following pediatric tonsillectomy. Pharmacogenomics., 15 14, 1749

Phatak M, Adamczak R, Cao B, Wagner M, Meller J. 2011. Solvent and lipid accessibility prediction as a basis for model quality assessment in soluble and membrane proteins. Current protein & peptide science., 12 6, 563

Jain R, Wagner M. 2010. Kolmogorov-Smirnov scores and intrinsic mass tolerances for peptide mass fingerprinting. Journal of proteome research., 9 2, 737

Wagner M, Adamczak R, Porollo A, Meller J. 2005. Linear regression models for solvent accessibility prediction in proteins. Journal of computational biology : a journal of computational molecular cell biology, 12 3, 563

Wagner M, Naik DN, Pothen A, Kasukurti S, Devineni RR, Adam BL, Semmes OJ, Wright GL Jr. 2004. Computational protein biomarker prediction: a case study for prostate cancer. BMC bioinformatics., 5 26,