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Photo of  Adam Vesole

Adam Vesole

Clinical Instructor

Otolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery | College of Medicine

  • MD: University of Iowa, Carver College of Medicine
  • BBA: University of Wisconsin-Madison
Contact Information

Peer Reviewed Publications

Vesole, Adam S; Shibata, Seiji B; Hansen, Marlan R 2020. An Osseous Destructive Mass of the Infratemporal Fossa. JAMA otolaryngology-- head & neck surgery, 146 2, 194-195

Nagahama, Yasunori; Kovach, Christopher K; Ciliberto, Michael; Joshi, Charuta; Rhone, Ariane E; Vesole, Adam; Gander, Phillip E; Nourski, Kirill V; Oya, Hiroyuki; Howard, Matthew A; Kawasaki, Hiroto; Dlouhy, Brian J 2018. Localization of musicogenic epilepsy to Heschl's gyrus and superior temporal plane: case report. Journal of neurosurgery, 129 1, 157-164

Nagahama, Yasunori; Schmitt, Alan J; Dlouhy, Brian J; Vesole, Adam S; Gander, Phillip E; Kovach, Christopher K; Nakagawa, Daichi; Granner, Mark A; Howard, Matthew A; Kawasaki, Hiroto 2018. Utility and safety of depth electrodes within the supratemporal plane for intracranial EEG. Journal of neurosurgery, 131 3, 772-780

Nagahama, Yasunori; Schmitt, Alan J; Nakagawa, Daichi; Vesole, Adam S; Kamm, Janina; Kovach, Christopher K; Hasan, David; Granner, Mark; Dlouhy, Brian J; Howard, Matthew A; Kawasaki, Hiroto 2018. Intracranial EEG for seizure focus localization: evolving techniques, outcomes, complications, and utility of combining surface and depth electrodes. Journal of neurosurgery, , 1-13

Vesole, Adam S; Nagahama, Yasunori; Granner, Mark A; Howard, Matthew A; Kawasaki, Hiroto; Dlouhy, Brian J 2018. Drug-resistant epilepsy development following stem cell transplant and cyclosporine neurotoxicity induced seizures: Case report in an adult and analysis of reported cases in the literature. Epilepsy & behavior case reports, 10 , 8-13

Nagahama, Yasunori; Peters, David; Kumonda, Sho; Vesole, Adam; Joshi, Charuta; J Dlouhy, Brian; Kawasaki, Hiroto 2017. Delayed diagnosis of shunt overdrainage following functional hemispherotomy and ventriculoperitoneal shunt placement in a hemimegalencephaly patient. Epilepsy & behavior case reports, 7 , 34-36

Jurczyszyn, Artur; Olszewska-Szopa, Magdalena; Vesole, Adam S; Vesole, David H; Siegel, David S; Richardson, Paul G; Paba-Prada, Claudia; Callander, Natalie S; Huras, Hubert; Skotnicki, Aleksander B 2016. Multiple Myeloma in Pregnancy--A Review of the Literature and a Case Series. Clinical lymphoma, myeloma & leukemia, 16 3, e39-45