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Photo of Tommaso H. Hinna Danesi, MD

Tommaso H. Hinna Danesi, MD

Associate Professor of Clinical

Surgery | College of Medicine

  • CT Imaging for TAVI Implantation: CNR
  • ECMO Diploma: Hopital La Pitie' Salpetriere
  • ECTS Specialist Course: Minimally Invasive Techniques in Cardiac Surgery: St. Antonius Hospital
  • Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery Fellowship: Cardiac Surgery Dep. AULSS 8 Osp. San Bortolo
  • Cardiac Surgery Fellowship: Cardiac surgery Dep. AULSS 8 Osp. San Bortolo
  • Residency in Cardiac surgery: University of Rome La Sapienza
  • Clinical Fellowship: ACO San Filippo Neri
  • Medical Degree: University of Rome La Sapienza
Contact Information

Clinical Interests

Cardiothoracic Surgery

Thoracic Surgery

Peer Reviewed Publications

Federico Simonetto, Paola A M Purita, Massimiliano Malerba, Marco Barbierato, Andrea Pascotto, Domenico Mangino, Chiara Zanchettin, Giuseppe Tarantini, Gino Gerosa, Augusto D'Onofrio, Carlo Cernetti, Luca Favero, Alessandro Daniotti, Giuseppe Minniti, Francesco Caprioglio, Gio- vanna Erente, Tommaso Hinna Danesi, Anna Chiara Frigo, Alessandro Ronco. Surgical 2020. Surgical redo versus trans septal or transapical transcatheter mitral valve-in-valve implantation for failed mitral valve bioprosthesis. Catheter Cardiovasc Interv., ,

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Abstract Publications

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