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Hansel Greiner, MD

Associate Professor of Clinical-Affiliate

Pediatrics | College of Medicine

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Peer Reviewed Publications

Arya, Ravindra; Tenney, Jeffrey R; Horn, Paul S; Greiner, Hansel M; Holland, Katherine D; Leach, James L; Gelfand, Michael J; Rozhkov, Leonid; Fujiwara, Hisako; Rose, Douglas F; Franz, David N; Mangano, Francesco T 2015. Long-term outcomes of resective epilepsy surgery after invasive presurgical evaluation in children with tuberous sclerosis complex and bilateral multiple lesions. Journal of neurosurgery. Pediatrics, 15 1, 26-33

Arya, Ravindra; Wilson, J Adam; Vannest, Jennifer; Byars, Anna W; Greiner, Hansel M; Buroker, Jason; Fujiwara, Hisako; Mangano, Francesco T; Holland, Katherine D; Horn, Paul S; Crone, Nathan E; Rose, Douglas F 2015. Electrocorticographic language mapping in children by high-gamma synchronization during spontaneous conversation: comparison with conventional electrical cortical stimulation. Epilepsy research, 110 , 78-87

Greiner, Mary V; Greiner, Hansel M; Caré, Marguerite M; Owens, Deanna; Shapiro, Robert; Holland, Katherine 2015. Adding Insult to Injury: Nonconvulsive Seizures in Abusive Head Trauma. Journal of child neurology, ,

Hrabik, Sarah A; Standridge, Shannon M; Greiner, Hansel M; Neilson, Derek E; Pilipenko, Valentina V; Zimmerman, Sarah L; Connor, Jessica A; Spaeth, Christine G 2015. The Clinical Utility of a Single-Nucleotide Polymorphism Microarray in Patients With Epilepsy at a Tertiary Medical Center. Journal of child neurology, ,

Miles, Lili; Greiner, Hansel M; Mangano, Francesco T; Horn, Paul S; Leach, James L; Miles, Michael V 2015. Cytochrome c oxidase deficit is associated with the seizure onset zone in young patients with focal cortical dysplasia Type II. Metabolic brain disease, 30 5, 1151-60

Arya, Ravindra; Greiner, Hansel M; Horn, Paul S; Turner, Michele; Holland, Katherine D; Mangano, Francesco T 2014. Corpus callosotomy for childhood-onset drug-resistant epilepsy unresponsive to vagus nerve stimulation. Pediatric neurology, 51 6, 800-5

Arya, Ravindra; Greiner, Hansel M; Lewis, Amanda; Horn, Paul S; Mangano, Francesco T; Gonsalves, Cornelia; Holland, Katherine D 2014. Predictors of response to vagus nerve stimulation in childhood-onset medically refractory epilepsy. Journal of child neurology, 29 12, 1652-9

Brahimaj, Bledi; Greiner, Hansel M; Leach, James L; Horn, Paul S; Stevenson, Charles B; Miles, Lili; Byars, Anna; Holland, Katherine; Sutton, Mary; Mangano, Francesco T 2014. The surgical management of pediatric brain tumors causing epilepsy: consideration of the epileptogenic zone. Child's nervous system : ChNS : official journal of the International Society for Pediatric Neurosurgery, 30 8, 1383-91

Greiner, Hansel M; Horn, Paul S; Arya, Ravindra; Holland, Katherine; Turner, Michele; Alsaidi, Mohammed H; Leach, James L; Mangano, Francesco T 2014. Acute postoperative seizures and long-term outcome following pediatric epilepsy surgery. Seizure, 23 6, 483-6

Leach, James L; Greiner, Hansel M; Miles, Lili; Mangano, Francesco T 2014. Imaging spectrum of cortical dysplasia in children. Seminars in roentgenology, 49 1, 99-111

Leach, James L; Miles, Lili; Henkel, David M; Greiner, Hansel M; Kukreja, Marcia K; Holland, Katherine D; Rose, Douglas F; Zhang, Bin; Mangano, Francesco T 2014. Magnetic resonance imaging abnormalities in the resection region correlate with histopathological type, gliosis extent, and postoperative outcome in pediatric cortical dysplasia. Journal of neurosurgery. Pediatrics, 14 1, 68-80

Arya, Ravindra; Greiner, Hansel M; Lewis, Amanda; Mangano, Francesco T; Gonsalves, Cornelia; Holland, Katherine D; Glauser, Tracy A 2013. Vagus nerve stimulation for medically refractory absence epilepsy. Seizure, 22 4, 267-70

Greiner, Hansel M; Horn, Paul S; Holland, Katherine; Collins, James; Hershey, Andrew D; Glauser, Tracy A 2013. mRNA blood expression patterns in new-onset idiopathic pediatric epilepsy. Epilepsia, 54 2, 272-9

Miles, Lili; Greiner, Hansel M; Miles, Michael V; Mangano, Francesco T; Horn, Paul S; Leach, James L; Seo, Joo H; Lee, Ki H 2013. Interaction between akt1-positive neurons and age at surgery is associated with surgical outcome in children with isolated focal cortical dysplasia. Journal of neuropathology and experimental neurology, 72 9, 884-91

Peariso, Katrina; Standridge, Shannon M; Hallinan, Barbara E; Leach, James L; Miles, Lili; Mangano, Francesco T; Greiner, Hansel M 2013. Presentation, diagnosis and treatment of bilateral Rasmussen's encephalitis in a 12-year-old female. Epileptic disorders : international epilepsy journal with videotape, 15 3, 324-32

Rose, Douglas F; Fujiwara, Hisako; Holland-Bouley, Katherine; Greiner, Hansel M; Arthur, Todd; Mangano, Francesco T 2013. Focal Peak Activities in Spread of Interictal-Ictal Discharges in Epilepsy with Beamformer MEG: Evidence for an Epileptic Network? Frontiers in neurology, 4 , 56

Fujiwara, Hisako; Greiner, Hansel M; Hemasilpin, Nat; Lee, Ki Hyeong; Holland-Bouley, Katherine; Arthur, Todd; Morita, Diego; Jain, Sejal V; Mangano, Francesco T; Degrauw, Ton; Rose, Douglas F 2012. Ictal MEG onset source localization compared to intracranial EEG and outcome: improved epilepsy presurgical evaluation in pediatrics. Epilepsy research, 99 3, 214-24

Fujiwara, Hisako; Greiner, Hansel M; Lee, Ki Hyeong; Holland-Bouley, Katherine D; Seo, Joo Hee; Arthur, Todd; Mangano, Francesco T; Leach, James L; Rose, Douglas F 2012. Resection of ictal high-frequency oscillations leads to favorable surgical outcome in pediatric epilepsy. Epilepsia, 53 9, 1607-17

Greiner, Hansel M; Holland, Katherine; Leach, James L; Horn, Paul S; Hershey, Andrew D; Rose, Douglas F 2012. Nonconvulsive status epilepticus: the encephalopathic pediatric patient. Pediatrics, 129 3, e748-55

Greiner, Hansel M; Lynch, Elizabeth R; Fordyce, Steve; Agricola, Karen; Tudor, Cynthia; Franz, David Neal; Krueger, Darcy A 2012. Vigabatrin for childhood partial-onset epilepsies. Pediatric neurology, 46 2, 83-8

Greiner, Hansel M; Tillema, Jan-Mendelt; Hallinan, Barbara E; Holland, Katherine; Lee, Ki-Hyeong; Crone, Kerry R 2012. Corpus callosotomy for treatment of pediatric refractory status epilepticus. Seizure, 21 4, 307-9

Childers, Martin K; Bogan, Janet R; Bogan, Daniel J; Greiner, Hansel; Holder, Melanie; Grange, Robert W; Kornegay, Joe N 2011. Chronic administration of a leupeptin-derived calpain inhibitor fails to ameliorate severe muscle pathology in a canine model of duchenne muscular dystrophy. Frontiers in pharmacology, 2 , 89

Greiner, Hansel M; Park, Yong D; Holland, Katherine; Horn, Paul S; Byars, Anna W; Mangano, Francesco T; Smith, Joseph R; Lee, Mark R; Lee, Ki-Hyeong 2011. Scalp EEG does not predict hemispherectomy outcome. Seizure, 20 10, 758-63

Greiner, Hansel; Leach, James L; Lee, Ki-Hyeong; Krueger, Darcy A 2011. Anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis presenting with imaging findings and clinical features mimicking Rasmussen syndrome. Seizure, 20 3, 266-70

Greiner, Hansel M; Abruzzo, Todd A; Kabbouche, Marielle; Leach, James L; Zuccarello, Mario 2010. Rotational vertebral artery occlusion in a child with multiple strokes: a case-based update. Child's nervous system : ChNS : official journal of the International Society for Pediatric Neurosurgery, 26 12, 1669-74