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Photo of  Betzaira Childers, MD

Betzaira Childers, MD

Clinical Instructor

Surgery | College of Medicine

  • Fellowship: University of Cincinnati
  • Medical Degree: University of Texas
  • Bachelor's Degree: University of Texas
Contact Information

Peer Reviewed Publications

Childers, Betzaira G; Valasek, Mark A; Patel, Hitendra; Lowy, Andrew M 2021. Neoadjuvant Checkpoint Blockade in Lynch Syndrome-Related Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma. Pancreas, 50 2, e22-e24

Babicky, Michele L; Harper, Megan M; Chakedis, Jeffery; Cazes, Alex; Mose, Evangeline S; Jaquish, Dawn V; French, Randall P; Childers, Betzaira; Alakus, Hakan; Schmid, Michael C; Foubert, Phillippe; Miyamoto, Jaclyn; Holman, Patrick J; Walterscheid, Zakkary J; Tang, Chih-Min; Varki, Nissi; Sicklick, Jason K; Messer, Karen; Varner, Judith A; Waltz, Susan E; Lowy, Andrew M 2019. MST1R kinase accelerates pancreatic cancer progression via effects on both epithelial cells and macrophages. Oncogene, 38 28, 5599-5611