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For the recruitment purposes, this AHA-SURF program will be affiliated with the ongoing COM Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (COM-SURF) program ( at the University of Cincinnati. The proposed AHA-SURF will run independently, under the direction of Dr. Sadayappan, but the recruitment process will use the COM-SURF online application process.

The intent of this AHA-SURF program is for the undergraduates to experience first-hand in cardiovascular and stroke research in the COM. The students will work in a cardiovascular and stroke research lab on a funded research project under the supervision of an experienced sponsor and their team. Based on the current COM-SURF program, the candidates will be provided with online information allowing them to select sponsor options and research programs. Applicants should be sophomores or juniors that have a minimum GPA of 3.0, express an interest in a research career in heart disease or stroke, and are planning to pursue a research career (PhD or MD/PhD). AHA citizenship requirements (US citizen, or a foreign national holding a student, exchange, or permanent resident visa (F-1, H-1, H-1B, J-1, PR, TC or TN).

Successful applicants must meet all AHA criteria. Decisions will be based on the student’s desire to obtain a post-graduate education in the biomedical sciences, quality of the student’s academic progress, and strength of the letter of recommendation. Once the applicants have been chosen, they will be matched with sponsors based on their preferences indicated during the interview process.

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