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Programs of Distinction

Doctor Becker at conferenceAging, Regeneration and Cardiopulmonary Disease Simulation

The HLVI Program for Aging, Regeneration and Cardiopulmonary Disease Simulation focuses on acquiring an in-depth understanding of human aging using in vivo, tissue-specific and computational systems. The advance of computer capabilities, artificial intelligence, informatics, mathematics, chemistry, molecular biology, cellular reprogramming, tissue engineering, pharmacology and genetics provides an unprecedented opportunity to model human disease and its treatment. This program will garner strengths, innovation and vision from the University of Cincinnati, the College of Medicine and Medical Center to redefine human disease and establish an entirely new level of investigation.

Primordial Cardiology and Life Cycles of Cardiovascular Disease

The HLVI Program for Primordial Cardiology and Life Cycles of Cardiovascular Disease is based on an emerging appreciation that many common cardiovascular conditions, including diabetes, hypertension and coronary heart disease not only have genetic and environmental determinants, but are also impacted by in utero conditions. For example, diabetes during pregnancy increases the risk of diabetes, hypertension and heart disease in the child; typically occurring at an early age and progressing more rapidly than expected. We believe that a predisposition to diabetes, acquired in utero, may, in fact, represent a distinct condition. By investigating and redefining such diseases and medical conditions, the program could develop an entirely new field of study.

Scientist in Residence Program

Contemporary science, as currently defined, is based on discovery, bench-to-community translation and a dynamic environment of scholarly exchange and collaboration. To facilitate this exchange, the HLVI Scientist in Residence Program will bring Visiting Scholars to campus. Visiting Scholars are scientists or clinician-scientists of national and international recognition with strong track records of discovery, mentorship, independent funding, and entrepreneurism. They will work alongside our own scientists and clinicians to enrich the academic environment at the UC College of Medicine and the HLVI, facilitate scholarly exchange and collaborations, support career development, and produce high quality and innovative data to further our goal of developing a longitudinal, multi-dimensional plan of scientific investigation, training, education and patient care.

Mentored Research Career Development Program

The goal of this initiative is to establish a comprehensive training program that will emphasize high-quality clinical and translational research in the vascular sciences, and prepare participants to serve as mentors for the next generation of physicians entering the field, an especially important factor in an underserved

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