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Heart, Lung and Vascular Centers and Programs of Distinction

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One of several unique aspects of the HLVI is programmatic themes built on a foundation of health and disease continuums or life cycles. This approach acknowledges that health is an active process and similarly, the disease has an origin, modifying elements, and variable phenotypes. The Institute identifies common and rare conditions, diseases, and disorders and develops longitudinal, multi-dimensional plans of scientific investigation, training, education, and translation for patient care.

The Centers of Excellence and Programs of Distinction capture major themes in heart and circulation disease and systematically identify “touch points” for life cycle development. The Institute’s continuum approach is oriented toward discovery, innovation, imagination, and rethinking the fundamental constructs of science, medicine, and translation to patients, our community, and society.



  • Programs of Distinction
    • Aging, Regeneration and Cardiopulmonary Disease Simulation
    • Primordial Cardiology and Life Cycles of Cardiovascular Disease
    • Scientist in Residence Program
    • Mentored Research Career Development Program
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