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Louis Louis IV, MD

He's helping to keep our hearts close to home.

Advanced heart failure carries a devastating prognosis. That’s why Louis Louis IV, MD, Associate Professor of Surgery, chose a career in cardiac surgery—to help save lives. But his research work at UC College of Medicine focuses on other areas of cardiac patient care as well.

“Our mission isn’t just to help people live longer, but to help people live better,” said Louis.

UC College of MedicineSome patients with advanced heart failure receive left ventricular assist devices (LVADs) as a bridge to recovery or while waiting for a heart transplant, but LVADs require continuous, often invasive, assessment. That’s why Louis helped lead an observational research study analyzing noninvasive methods for monitoring LVADs.

Louis’ study found that cardiovascular computed technology (CCT) is a feasible and accurate method to assess LVADs. This is a huge breakthrough for patients with LVADs because noninvasive monitoring methods are more comfortable for patients and often less expensive, which helps those with LVADS experience a higher quality of life.

“As an academic health center, we’re able to advance the field of heart surgery and create therapies that we’ll be using for generations to come,” said Louis. 

But Louis recognizes creating the best patient experience is a team effort. He credits the multidisciplinary teams he works with, including anesthesiologists, critical care physicians, nursing staff and more, with helping achieve the best possible patient outcomes.