Today is Friday, Feb. 21, 2020

Department of Environmental Health

Center for Environmental Genetics


Genomics Sequencing and Microarray Core

Shared equipment and services: The CEG owns and manages equipment including flow cytometry, confocal microscopy, versatile imaging systems‎, and single cell sequencing. Access to equipment and services is free of charge for CEG members. Access requires pre-schedule and sign-up (registation link under development). See the appropriate contact persons listed on these pages for special requests/questions regarding each service or type of equipment. 

[The flow cytometer and confocal microscope are no longer eligible for ITS subsidy unless their usage involves new technology development. Please contact ITS Core director Ying Xia, Ph.D., if you have any questions about this change in ITS matching funds policy.]

Fluidigm single cell C1 system: The Fluidigm C1 system isolates single cells into individual reaction chambers in the exclusive Fluidigm integrated fluidic circuit (IFC). The IFC automatically stain captured cells and examine them by microscopy for viability, surface markers or reporter genes. After staining, cells are automatically lysed and template is quickly prepared for qPCR or sequencing library preparation for mRNA sequencing, DNA sequencing, epigenetics or miRNA expression.


Contact:, Kettering room 336

Instructions: We follow the general instructions used by others. Users should be advised that the system is complicated. Potential risks of the system or experiment failure exists. The system does not have a service contract. 

Sign-up/reservation form (link)

Core website:

Xiang (Sean) Zhang, Ph.D. Oligonucleotide, Agilent and Affymetrix arrays; transcriptomics, RNA amplification, microRNA chips, CGH, chip-on-chip. Email:; phone: 513-558-4764  

Alvaro Puga, Ph.D. Consultant; Molecular biology, signal transduction, genomics, microarray analysis, flow cytometry. Email:


Research supported by the Center for Environmental Genetics should acknowledge NIEHS Award P30 ES006096