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Department of Environmental and Public Health Sciences

Center for Environmental Genetics

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Integrative Health Science Core

Led by Susan M. Pinney, PhD, the Integrative Health Sciences Facility Core (IHSFC) facilitates clinical investigations that enhance  "forward and back" translational research of environmental factors in disease causation. The aims of the IHSFC are accomplished through expert consultation services in medicine, epidemiology, statistics, exposure assessment, informatics tools, and Forth and Back clinical research conferences that highlight opportunities for translational research in environmental health. Our goal is to accelerate the transfer of basic biomedical knowledge from the laboratory to clinical applications in prevention, early detection, and treatment, and public policy changes in environmental health, and, ultimately, to prolong and enhance life. The IHSFC provides consultations on environmental epidemiology and on traditional and cutting edge statistical approaches, including analysis of microarray and deep sequencing data, in conjunction with the Bioinformatics Core

Core Resources and Activities

  • Fernald Community Cohort
  • Human Monitoring Database
  • MEB-Lab Database


Data and Biospecimen Sharing: Training and Resources

  • Data and Biospecimen Sharing Workshop, 2015 Oct 15 (See full list of videos here)
  • The many benefits of sharing (Video: Susan Pinney, PhD)
  • Setting the stage for sharing (PPT 1 and 2: Susan Pinney, PhD)
  • Sample sharing policy: Procedures to access FCC database & biosamples (PDF)
  • Public repositories for deposition and sharing of "omics" data (Video: Scott Langevin, PhD)
  • Public repositories for deposition and sharing of "omics" data (PPT: Scott Langevin, PhD)  
  • NIH Genomic Data Sharing Policy (PDF)
  • Genomic Data Sharing: Supplemental Information (PDF)
  • The HOME Study (PPT: Kimberly Bolton, PhD)