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Spring 2015 Seminar Series

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04/22/15 - James Lockey, MD, MS
How Results from a 30 Year U.S. Study of Workers Drove U.S. Public Health Policy 
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04/08/15 - Public health advocacy panel
Jennifer Chubinski, Interact for Health
Dr. Noble Maseru, Cincinnati Health Commissioner
Dr. Lynne Saddler, Director of the N. KY Health Department
Tim Ingram, Commissioner-Hamilton County Health Department
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04/01/15 - Guang Hu, Principal Investigator
Embryonic Stem Cells: From Developmental Biology to Environmental Sciences 
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03/25/15 - Naila Khalil MBBS, MPH, PhD
Bisphenol A and Cardio-metabolic Risk Factors in Obese Children 
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03/11/15 - Julio A. Landero-Figueroa
ICP-MS, a Versatile Tool for Medical Research, From Total Metal Analysis to Metalloproteome Studies
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03/04/15 - Brad A. Racette, M.D.
Manganism in the 21st Century
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02/25/15 - Jennifer Hunter, RN, BSN, MSN, & Joyce Rice, RN, BS, MSPH
Hepatitis C Testing Pilot in NKY
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02/11/15 - Dominic Boccelli, Pd.D.
Characterization of Exposure to Trihalomethanes in a Drinking Water Distribution System Using Modelling and Epidemiologic Methods: Preliminary Data Analysis and Descriptive Statistics
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02/04/15 - Michael P. Fisher, PhD., M.S.
War-Related PTSD, and the Politics of Diagnosis
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01/28/15 - Mark J. Schulz, PhD, PE, and Weifeng Li, PhD, and Vesselin N. Shanov, PhD, and Noe T. Alvarez, PhD
Nanotube Synthesis Capabilities at UC: Implications for linking
Nanotechnology into Environmental and Health Sciences Research
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01/21/15 - Stephanie Donauer, PhD, MS
Environmental Toxicants and Immunosuppression
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01/14/15 - Christine C. Ekenga, PhD, MPH
Occupational factors and breast cancer risk in women
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