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Fall 2018 Seminar Series

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12/5/18 - Live Firefighting/Shift work impacting Firefighters’ Cardiovascular and Neuromuscular Health: Acute and Chronic Using Wearable and Ingestible Sensor Technology
Amit Bhattacharya, PhD, CPE
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11/28/18 - Inflammatory Mechanisms of Tissue Injury Induced by Pulmonary Toxicants
Debra L. Laskin, Ph.D.
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11/21/18 - No Seminar

11/14/18 - Bacterial Pneumonia: Co-infection, Th17 Immunity and Tissue Regeneration
Hao Shen, PhD
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11/7/18 - Inhaled Ultrafine Particles and the Developing Lung
Laura S. Van Winkle, PhD DABT
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10/31/18 - Data Visualization in Clinical Trials
Rong Zhou
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10/24/18 - Cellular and Molecular Pathogenesis of PLCH
Michael Borchers, PhD
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10/17/18 - Public Health Education in the Era of Population Health
Wenke Hwang, PhD MA
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10/10/18 - The Science of Hospital Beds: More Than Meets the Eye
Susan Kotowski, PhD, CPE
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10/3/18 - Occupational Epidemiology Studies at NIOSH
Elizabeth Whelan, Ph.D., and Christina Lawson, Ph.D.
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9/26/18 - 20th Century Occupational and Environmental Health & Safety Films: The Rich History of Our Profession
Mark Catlin
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9/19/18 - Northern Kentucky Health Department
Lynne Saddler, MD, MPH, Jonathan Vorbeck, MPH, Deborah Young, MHI, & Ned Kalapasev, MS
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9/12/18 - Infant microbiome: Influences and outcomes
Ardythe L. Morrow, PhD, MSc
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9/5/18 - Shared transcriptional networking in: oncogenic signaling, circadian rhythmicity, nutritional status and regulated capacity for drug elimination
Bingfang Yan, DVM, PhD
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8/29/18 - Nanomaterial Inhalation during Gestation: the Microvascular Path from the Lung to the Fetus
Timothy R. Nurkiewicz, Ph.D.
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