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Fall 2017 Seminar Series

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11/29/17 - Public health ethics: the clinical perspective
Anne Housholder, MD, MPH&TM
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11/22/17 - No Seminar

11/15/17 - Decoding Host Microbiota Interactions Through the Lens of Metabolomics
Andrew D. Patterson
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11/8/17 - Characterizing and Preventing Occupationally-Acquired Infectious Diseases
Rachael M. Jones, PhD, CIH
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11/1/17 - Gene-Envrionment Interactions (GxE) in Fetal Development and Disease
Ying Xia, PhD
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10/25/17 - Ultrafine Particle Sampling in Ground and Aerospace Environments for Health Risk Assessments
Christin Grabinski, PhD
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10/18/17 - Ergonomics perspectives on accessibility, usability, and inclusive design in the workplace
Clive D'Souza
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10/11/17 - Environmental phthalate exposure, pregnancy outcomes, and underlying biological pathways
Kelly K. Ferguson
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10/4/17 - Programing Programed Cell Death to DNA Damage and Tumor Stress
Rob Smart, PhD
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9/27/17 - Effect of Marijuana Cannabinoids on Epigenome and Microbiome in Regulation of Immune Response
Mitzi Nagarkatti, PhD
Seminar not recorded by request of speaker.

9/20/17 - Endocrine disruption and female cancers
Ricky Leung, PhD
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9/13/17 - Targeted Therapy for Cisplatin Resistant Ovarian Cancer
Pheruza Tarapore
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9/6/17 - Program Development & Developing Public Health Disaster Leaders
Dr. Michelle Chyatt
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8/30/17 - Experimental and Clinical Analysis of Estrogen Insensitivity
Ken Korach, PhD
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8/23/17 - Commuter's Air Pollution Exposure: Consideration of Ventilation Rate and Urban Design
Nicholas Good
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