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  • Deka Named to Council of the Croatian Academy of Science and Arts

    Ranjan Deka, PhD, professor of epidemiology in the Department of Environmental Health, has been named to the Scientific Council for Anthropological Research by the Croatian Academy of Science and Arts. Deka’s research focuses on DNA analysis to understand genetic variation that explains predispositions to cardiometabolic disorders particularly in Polynesian and Croatian island populations.
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  • EPA Has Slowed Actions Against Polluters, and Put Limits on Enforcement Officers

    Article references research by Erin Haynes, DrPH, associate professor in the Department of Environmental Health at the UC College of Medicine. The highway billboard at the entrance to town still displays a giant campaign photograph of President Trump, who handily won the election across industrial Ohio. But a revolt is brewing here in East Liverpool over Mr. Trump’s move to slow down the federal government’s policing of air and water pollution.
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