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Photo of Jason McCoy

Jason McCoy

Graduate Student- Thompson Lab

  • B.S.: Miami University
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Peer Reviewed Publications

Jason C. McCoy, Ryan G. Walker, Nathan H. Murray, Thomas B. Thompson 2019. Crystal structure of WFIKKN2 follistatin domain reveals insight into how it inhibits growth differentiation factor 8 (GDF8) and GDF11 Journal of Biological Chemistry, 264 16, 6333

Timothy C. Cox, Andrew C. Lidral, Jason C. McCoy, et. al 2019. Mutations in GDF11 and the extracellular antagonist, Follistatin, as a likely cause of Mendelian forms of orofacial clefting in humans Human Mutation, ,

Cotton, Thomas R; Fischer, Gerhard; Wang, Xuelu; McCoy, Jason C; Czepnik, Magdalena; Thompson, Thomas B; Hyvönen, Marko 2018. Structure of the human myostatin precursor and determinants of growth factor latency. The EMBO journal, 37 3, 367-383

Walker, Ryan G; McCoy, Jason C; Czepnik, Magdalena; Mills, Melanie J; Hagg, Adam; Walton, Kelly L; Cotton, Thomas R; Hyvönen, Marko; Lee, Richard T; Gregorevic, Paul; Harrison, Craig A; Thompson, Thomas B 2018. Molecular characterization of latent GDF8 reveals mechanisms of activation. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 115 5, E866-E875

Walker, Ryan G; Czepnik, Magdalena; Goebel, Erich J; McCoy, Jason C; Vujic, Ana; Cho, Miook; Oh, Juhyun; Aykul, Senem; Walton, Kelly L; Schang, Gauthier; Bernard, Daniel J; Hinck, Andrew P; Harrison, Craig A; Martinez-Hackert, Erik; Wagers, Amy J; Lee, Richard T; Thompson, Thomas B 2017. Structural basis for potency differences between GDF8 and GDF11. BMC biology, 15 1, 19