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Important 2024-25 Aid Information

Your financial aid award is an accurate reflection of your aid eligibility based on information available at the time you were awarded.  Changes to your eligibility or in the availability of funding from federal, state, or institutional sources may result in your aid award being adjusted, even if you have already accepted funds.  You must notify the UCCOM Student Financial Services Office about other aid you are receiving or expect to receive that is not listed on your award offer.

Federal Direct Unsubsidized Stafford Loans

You may accept this loan online through the Catalyst student portal.  View details on the interest rate, origination fee, borrowing limits, and more.  New borrowers must complete online entrance counseling and the master promissory note before funds can disburse.  Visit our new student instructions page for details.

Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loan

This loan may not be accepted online through the Catalyst student portal.  To request this loan for 2024-25, all borrowers will need to complete the 2024-25 Grad PLUS Loan Request Form and then upload that form to MedOneStop > Financial Aid > Financial Aid Document Upload.  Once received and processed, the loan will appear with an “accepted” status on UC’s Catalyst system.  View details on the interest rate, origination fee, borrowing limits, and more.  In addition, new borrowers must complete online entrance counseling and the Direct PLUS Loan Master Promissory Note before funds can disburse. Visit our new student instructions page for details.

UC Scholarships

If you were awarded a scholarship by the College of Medicine there is nothing you need to do.  It will automatically post to your account and apply to your bill evenly between the fall and spring terms. 

UC Long-Term Loans

Students awarded this need-based loan will be required to hand-sign a Promissory Note and disclosure documents.  The College of Medicine Student Financial Services Office will contact you by email shortly after the fall semester begins with further instructions concerning completing this paperwork.

Tuition and Fees

Click on the Tuition or Cost of Attendance links on the left side of this page to view details.

Tuition Billing

Billing at the UCCOM is done one semester at a time.  Fall semester bills are generated in July, while bills for the spring semester are typically available in late November or early December.  To view your student tuition bill, log in to Catalyst and choose 'My Finances' (Medical students will also receive a notification via their UC email when their bill is ready to view).  Bills are due 5 days before the start of every semester.

Direct Deposit

Students are strongly advised to sign up for direct deposit.  Students who do not sign up for direct deposit may have their refunds delayed.  To sign-up, log in to the Catalyst student portal, choose the 'My Finances' tile, then 'Billing Information' and 'Direct Deposit Enrollment' to begin by adding a bank account to your record.  Once added, then select 'Proceed to Enroll in Direct Deposit' to complete the sign-up process.

Health Insurance

You will automatically be billed for student health insurance.  If you are currently enrolled in a health insurance plan that is equivalent or exceeds the UC student health insurance, you may WAIVE the UC health insurance by submitting the waiver form online.

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