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Yang Yu, MD

  • M.D.: University of California, Irvine College of Medicine
  • B.S.: University of California, Los Angeles

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Yu Y, Champer J, Agak GW, Kao S, Modlin RL, Kim J 2016. Different propionibacterium acnes phylotypes induce distinct immune responses and express unique surface and secreted proteomes J Invest Dermatol, 136 11, 2221-2228

Schmidt NW, Agak GW, Deshayes S, Yu Y, Blacker A, Champer J, Xian W, Kasko AM, Kim J, Wong GCL 2015. Pentobra: A potent antibiotic with multiple layers of selective antimicrobial mechanisms against Propionibacterium acnes J Invest Dermatol, 135 6, 1581-1589

Yu Y, Champer J, Beynet DP, Kim J, Friedman AJ 2015. The role of the cutaneous microbiome in skin cancer: Lessons learned from the gut J Drugs Dermatol, 14 5, 461-465

Yu Y, Champer J, Garbán H, Kim J 2015. Typing of Propionibacterium acnes: a review of methods and comparative analysis Br J Dermatol, 172 5, 1204-1209

Yu Y, Rubin AG, Gee S, Banker S, Kim CN 2015. Ulcerative panniculitis with fevers and pleural effusions: A unique case of alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency J Am Acad Dermatol Case Reports, 1 1, 1-2

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Londhe VA, Sundar IK, Lopez B, Maisonet TM, Yu Y, Aghai ZH, Rahman I 2011. Hyperoxia impairs alveolar formation and induces senescence through decreased histone deacetylase activity and up-regulation of p21 in neonatal mouse lung Pediatr Res, 69 5, Pt 1, 371-377