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Minimally Invasive Urology Fellowship

The Division of Urology offers a minimally invasive urology fellowship program in Endourology, Laparoscopy and Robotic Surgery, which is accredited by the Endourological Society and provides training in all aspects of minimally invasive urology to urologists who have completed a urology residency.

The program directors ensure that the fellowship meets all the requirements established by the Endourological Society. The fellowship maintains sufficient clinical volume with a variety of endourological experience while also providing a definable research focus with active and productive endourological basic science and bench projects. The fellow, under the guidance of the Director and Co-Director, has graded surgical responsibility and is responsible for progressively more operative care of individual cases. The fellow is also responsible for preparation of teaching conferences for residents and staff, and actively participates in teaching residents and medical students.

Fellows maintain an online surgical log similar to that of residents. An example of index cases and their numbers are:
Total Percutaneous Renal Procedures -- 45 cases/ 2 years
Total Ureteroscopy -- 60 cases/ 2 years
Total Laparoscopy -- 60 cases/ 2 years

Applications can be obtained through the Endourological Society via telephone at (516) 520-1225 or through their website.

Program Administration:
Program Director: Krishnanath Gaitonde, MD

Krishnanath Gaitonde, MD 
Minimally Invasive Urology Fellowship Director

Lisha Willis
Minimally Invasive Urology Fellowship Coordinator
Phone: 513-558-3678

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