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Dario Rodriquez

Asst Professor - Adj (FC)

COM Surgery Trauma & Critical Care

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Peer Reviewed Publications

Branson R.;Blakeman T.C.;Rodriquez D. 11-17-2010. Mechanical ventilation in disaster management Applied Technologies in Pulmonary Medicine, , 238-245

Blakeman T.;Rodriquez D.;Hanseman D.;Branson R. 11-01-2011. Bench evaluation of 7 home-care ventilators Respiratory Care, 56 11, 1791-1798

McMullan J.;Rodriquez D.;Hart K.;Lindsell C.;Vonderschmidt K.;Wayne B.;Branson R. 10-01-2013. Prevalence of prehospital hypoxemia and oxygen use in trauma patients Military Medicine, 178 10, 1121-1125

Branson R.;Rodriquez D. 10-01-2008. Performance of transport ventilators Respiratory Care, 53 10, 1372-1373

Blakeman T.;Rodriquez D.;Petro M.;Branson R. 09-01-2017. Evaluation of Intensive Care Unit Ventilators at Altitude Air Medical Journal, 36 5, 258-262

Branson R.;Rodriquez D. 09-01-2017. Cuff Pressure Confusion: Solutions Are Abundant Air Medical Journal, 36 5, 223

Blakeman T.;Toth P.;Rodriquez D.;Branson R. 09-01-2010. Mechanical ventilators in the hot zone: Effects of a CBRN filter on patient protection and battery l Resuscitation, 81 9, 1148-1151

Blakeman T.;Rodriquez D.;Branson R. 09-01-2009. Accuracy of the oxygen cylinder duration calculator of the LTV-1000 portable ventilator Respiratory Care, 54 9, 1183-1186

Rodriquez D.;Blakeman T.;Dorlac W.;Johannigman J.;Branson R. 07-01-2010. Maximizing oxygen delivery during mechanical ventilation with a portable oxygen concentrator Journal of Trauma - Injury, Infection and Critical Care, 69 SUPPL. 1,

Rodriquez D.;Gomaa D.;Blakeman T.;Petroa M.;Dorlac W.;Johannigman J.;Branson R. 06-01-2012. Comparison of airway control methods and ventilation success with an automatic resuscitator Journal of special operations medicine : a peer reviewed journal for SOF medical professionals, 12 2, 65-70

Blakeman T.;Rodriquez D.;Johannigman J.;Branson R. 05-01-2019. Pulsed dose oxygen delivery during mechanical ventilation: Impact on oxygenation Military Medicine, 184 5-6, e312-e318

Blakeman T.;Rodriquez D.;Britton T.;Johannigman J.;Petro M.;Branson R. 05-01-2016. Evaluation of oxygen concentrators and chemical oxygen generators at altitude and temperature extrem Military Medicine, 181 5, 160-168

Blakeman T.;Rodriquez D.;Britton T.;Johannigman J.;Petro M.;Branson R. 05-01-2016. Performance of portable ventilators following storage at temperature extremes Military Medicine, 181 5, 156-159

Blakeman T.;Rodriquez D.;Gerlach T.;Dorlac W.;Johannigman J.;Branson R. 04-01-2015. Oxygen requirement to reverse altitude-induced hypoxemia with continuous flow and pulsed dose oxygen Aerospace Medicine and Human Performance, 86 4, 351-356

Rodriquez D.;Branson R.;Dorlac W.;Dorlac G.;Barnes S.;Johannigman J. 04-01-2009. Effects of simulated altitude on ventilator performance Journal of Trauma - Injury, Infection and Critical Care, 66 SUPPL. 4,

Rodriquez D. 03-01-2020. What You See Is What You Get-But Not Always Respiratory care, 65 3, 404-405

Branson R.D.;Griebel J.;Rodriquez D. 03-01-2018. A bench study of inhaled nitric oxide delivery during high frequency percussive ventilation Pediatric Pulmonology, 53 3, 337-341

Gomaa D.;Rodriquez D.;Petro M.;Blakeman T.;Branson R. 03-01-2017. Impact of oxygenation status on the noninvasive measurement of hemoglobin Military Medicine, 182 , 87-91

Blakeman T.;Rodriquez D.;Woods J.;Cox D.;Elterman J.;Branson R. 01-01-2016. Automated control of endotracheal tube cuff pressure during simulated flight Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery, 81 5, S116-S120

Johannigman J.;Gerlach T.;Cox D.;Juhasz J.;Britton T.;Elterman J.;Rodriquez D.;Blakeman T.;Branson R. 01-01-2015. Hypoxemia during aeromedical evacuation of the walking wounded Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery, 79 4, S216-S220

Blakeman T.;Britton T.;Rodriquez D.;Branson R. 01-01-2014. Performance of portable ventilators at altitude Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery, 77 3 SUPPL. 2,

Branson R.;Gomaa D.;Rodriquez D. 01-01-2014. Management of the artificial airway Respiratory Care, 59 6, 974-990

Britton T.;Blakeman T.C.;Eggert J.;Rodriquez D.;Ortiz H.;Branson R.D. 01-01-2014. Managing endotracheal tube cuff pressure at altitude: A comparison of four methods Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery, 77 3 SUPPL. 2,

Blakeman T.;Rodriquez D.;Dorlac W.;Hanseman D.;Hattery E.;Branson R. 01-01-2011. Performance of portable ventilators for mass-casualty care Prehospital and Disaster Medicine, 26 5, 330-334

Blakeman T.;Rodriquez D.;Petro M.;Dorlac W.;Branson R. 01-01-2011. Laboratory evaluation of the SAVe simplified automated resuscitator Military Medicine, 176 1, 84-88

Rodriquez D.;Johannigman J.;Branson R. 01-01-2010. Ventilation at altitude Journal of Trauma - Injury, Infection and Critical Care, 68 1, 249-250

Rodriquez D.;Branson R.;Barnes S.;Johannigman J. 01-01-2008. Battery life of the "four-hour" lithium ion battery of the LTV-1000 under varying workloads Military Medicine, 173 8, 792-795

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