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LPCC Preceptors

Thank you to our many preceptors for your guidance, mentorship and dedication to our students and to medical education. We appreciate you sharing your knowledge and skills, shaping the future generation of doctors. The impact you make is immeasurable. Please click on the link next to their names to learn more about our community preceptors.

LPCC Preceptors Practice NameLink to Website
Altenau, Rob, MDRudemiller Family MedicineRudemiller Family Medicine | TriHealth
Armstrong, Diane, MDMercy Health Physicians -Fairfield IM Diane L Armstrong, MD - Mercy Health Phys
Austin, Orson, MDUniversity Family PhysiciansOrson Austin, MD Physician Profile | UC Health
Austin, Orson, MDUC Health Physicians-TriCountyOrson Austin, MD Physician Profile | UC Health
Barczewski, Laura, MDSt Eliz Physicians-Ft ThomasLaura Barczewski, MD - St. Elizabeth Physicians
Barnes, Dan, MDMercy Health Physicians-Dent Dan Barnes, MD - Mercy Health Phys
Barnes, Mary Ann, MDSt. Elizabeth Fam Prac Ctr Mary Ann Barnes, MD -St. Elizabeth Physicians
Beiter, Patrick, MDNorthcreek Family PracticePatrick A. Beiter, MD - TriHealth
Benes, Oliver, MDSt. Elizabeth Phys-Florence EwingOliver Benes, MD - St. Elizabeth Healthcare
Benge, Joshua, MDSt Eliz Physicians-AlexandriaJoshua Benge, MD - St. Elizabeth Physicians
Bishop, Stacey, MDSt Eliz Physicians-Florence-EwingStacey Bishop, MD - St. Elizabeth Physicians
Boury, Sheena, MDChrist Hosp Phys-Premier Sheena Boury, MD - Christ Hosp Phys
Braun, Peggy, MDTriHealth-Family Medical GroupMargaret Braun, MD - TriHealth
Breslin, Kevin, MDGroup Health Assoc-AndersonKevin J. Breslin, MD - TriHealth
Bridges, Kate, MDMercy Health Phys-Anderson HillsKathleen F Bridges, MD - Mercy Health Phys
Brook, Barry, MDMercy Health Physicians-GalbraithBarry Brook, MD - Mercy Health Phys
Bruce, Jeremy, MDChrist Hosp Phys - 2123 Auburn Ave Jeremy Bruce, MD - Christ Hosp Phys
Burgher, Jeff, MDSt. Eliz Physicians-Crestview Hills Primary Care C Jeffrey Burgher, MD - St. Elizabeth Physicians
Byers, Drew, MDSt Eliz Physicians-Dry RidgeJonathan Byers, MD - St. Elizabeth Physicians
Capurro, John, MDChrist Hosp Phys-Primary Care East John Capurro, MD - Christ Hosp Phys
Catanzaro, Lori, DOSt Eliz Physicians-IndependenceLori Catanzaro, DO - St. Elizabeth Physicians
Cavallo, Charlie, MDPediatric Associates-Cold SpringCharles Cavallo, MD | Pediatric Associates NKY
Clement, John, MDClement Private Practice  Clement Private Practice
Coe, ChadUC Health Physicians-FlorenceChad Coe, MD Physician Profile | UC Health
Cruse, Lauren, MDTriHealth-Western Family PhysLauren M. Cruse, MD - TriHealth
Davis, Susan, DOMaple Knoll Village Susan Schrimpf Davis, DO Physician Profile | UC Health
Derickson, Theresa, MDGHA-TriHealth - West Chester Theresa M. Derickson MD - TriHealth Phys
Desai, Neel, MDSt Eliz Physicians-Ft MitchellNeel Desai, MD - St. Elizabeth Physicians
Dorsch, Curtis, MDSt Eliz Physicians-Florence-Turfway Curtis Dorsch, MD - St. Elizabeth Physicians
Downey, Kathy, MDUC Health Physicians-WyomingKathleen Downey , MD Physician Profile | UC Health
Duell, Lynn, DOMercy Health Physicians-White OakLynn Duell, DO - Mercy Hosp Phys
Dulan, Mike, MDFamily Wellness CenterMichael B. Dulan, M.D.| Family Wellness Center
Ellis, II, Rocky, MDUC Health Physicians-WyomingRobert V. Ellis, MD Physician Profile | UC Health
Engel, Jeremy, MDSt Eliz Physicians-BellevueJeremy Engel, MD - St. Elizabeth Physicians
Fixler, Don, MDChrist Hosp Phys-Norwood Don Fixler, MD Christ Hospital Phys
Gebhardt, Bruce, MDUC Health PhysiciansBruce Gebhardt, MD Physician Profile | UC Health
Geiger, Mike, MDSt Eliz Physicians-Chapel PlaceMichael Geiger, MD - St. Elizabeth Physicians
Glass, Eleanor, MD Integrative Family CareEleanor Glass, MD - Integrative Family Care
Grainger, Mike, MDSt Eliz Physicians-BellevueMichael Grainger, MD - St. Elizabeth Physicians
Groves, Michelle, MDTriHealth-Western Family PhysMichelle E. Groves, MD - TriHealth
Haas, Emily, MDCrossroad Health Center-WestEmily Haas, MD - Crossroad Providers
Hammons, Bill, MDSt Eliz Physicians-BellevueWilliam Hammons, MD - St. Elizabeth Physicians
Hancher, Douglas, MDMercy Health Physicians-SpringdaleDouglas Hancher, MD Mercy Health Phys
Handleton, Michael, MDGroup Health Assoc-AndersonMichael Handleton, MD - TriHealth
Hans, Sandra, MDChrist Hosp Phys-Wetherington FM Wetherington Family Medicine - About Us
Hartman, Kevin, MDMercy Health Physicians-Fairfield Kevin Hartman, MD - Mercy Health Phys
Hartman, Monica, MDMercy Health Physicians-Deerfield Monica Hartman, MD - Mercy Health Phys
Hartmann, Reid, MDChrist Hosp Physicians-FMC Reid Hartmann, MD - Christ Hosp Phys
Hines, Dirk, MDMercy Health Physicians-Dry RidgeDirk Hines, MD - Mercy Health Phys, Dry Ridge
Holliday, Mike, MDUC Health Physicians-TriCountyMichael B. Holliday, MD Physician Profile | UC Health
Hunstad, Stephanie, MDTriHealth-Western Family PhysStephanie Ann Hunstad, MD - TriHealth
Janning, Jeffrey, MDSt. Eliz Physicians-Edgewood Jeffrey Janning, MD - St. Elizabeth Physicians
Johnson, Aleda, MDLiberty Family MedicineAleda Johnson, MD - Liberty Family Medicine
Johnston, Jeremy, MDMercy Health Physicians-Forest HillsJeremy M Johnston, MD - Mercy Health Phys, Forest Hills
Kalfas, Mike, MDChrist Hosp Phys-Premier Mina Kalfas, MD - Christ Hosp Phys
Keller, Tim, MDSt Eliz Physicians-Covington Tim Keller, MD - St. Elizabeth Physicians
Koehl, Rebecca, MDMercy Health Physicians-FairfieldRebecca S Koehl, MD - Mercy Health Phys, Fairfield
Kolp, James, DOChrist Hosp Phys-Primary Care LovelandJames L. Kolp, DO - TriHealth
Lafranconi, Paula, MDTriHealth Women's Center Kenwood Paula J. Lafranconi, MD - TriHealth
Landorf, Meredith, MDChrist Hosp Physicians-Ft Mitchell Landorf, Meredith, MD - Christ Hosp Phys, Ft. Mitchell
Lenz, Kellene, MDMercy Health Physicians-Monfort HtsKellene Lenz, MD - Mercy Health Phys, Monfort Hts
Lewis, Chris, MDUC Health Physicians-Burnet Christopher Lewis, MD Physician Profile | UC Health
Li, Janette, MDUC Health Physicians-WyomingJanette Li, MD Physician Profile | UC Health
Lutts, Mina, MDMercy Health-West Chester Family PhysiciansMina Lutts, MD - Mercy Health Phys, West Chester
Mauntel, Bill, MDMercy Health Physicians-FairfieldBill Mauntel, MD - Mercy Health Phys
McGilligan, Becky, MDChrist Hosp Physicians-Anderson Becky McGilligan, MD - Christ Hospital Phys, Anderson
Meier, Christopher, MDMercy Health Physicians-FairfieldChristopher Meier, MD - Mercy Health Phys
Melton, Andrea, MDChrist Hosp Phys-MontgomeryAndrea Melton, MD - Christ Hosp Phys
Melvin, Keith, MDMercy Health Physicians-Avondale Keith Melvin, MD - Mercy Health Phys
Messer, Jennifer, MDNorthcreek Family PracticeJennifer A. Messer, MD - TriHealth
Minzner, Jon, MDSt Eliz Physicians-Chapel PlaceJon Minzner, MD - St. Elizabeth Phys
Murthy, Sri, MDUC Health PhysiciansSri S. Murthy, MD Physician Profile | UC Health
Nandyal, Lauri, MDUC Health Physicians-MidtownLauri Erway Nandyal, MD, NCMP Physician Profile | UC Health
Neal, Amy, MDTriHealth-Western Family PhysAmy M Neal, MD - TriHealth
Niemeyer, Eric, MDChrist Hosp Phys-Hyde Park Eric M. Niemeyer, MD - Christ Hosp Phys
O'Dea, Christy, MDCrossroad Health Center-WestChristy O'Dea, MD - Crossroad Health Center
Okocha, Patricia, MDMercy Health Physicians-Avondale Patricia Okocha, MD - Mercy Health Phys
Patterson, Brad, MDSt Eliz Physicians-Covington Brad Patterson, MD - St. Elizabeth Physicians
Peerless, Brian, MDMercy Health Physicians-Blue AshBrian Peerless, MD - Mercy Health Phys
Perrino, Frank, MDChrist Hosp Phys-Norwood Frank Perrino, MD - Christ Hosp Phys
Powell, Erik, MDUC Health Physicians-MilfordErik Powell, MD Physician Profile | UC Health
Pragalos, Antoinette, MDChrist Hosp Phys-Oakley Antoinette Pragalos, MD - Christ Hosp Phys
Puterbaugh, Doug, MDTriHealth First Physicians-MariemontDouglas E. Puterbaugh, MD - TriHealth
Rechtin, Robert, MDGroup Health Assoc-AndersonRobert M. Rechtin, MD - TriHealth Phys
Reynolds, Ron, MDChrist Hospital Physicians-Anderson Ronald Reynolds, MD - Christ Hosp Phys
Roberts, Courtney, MDCrossroad Health Center-WestCourtney Roberts, MD - Crossroad Health Center
Robinson, Kent, MDMercy Health Physicians-Avondale Kent Robinson, MD - Mercy Health Phys
Robinson, Mark, DOChrist Hosp Phys-Milford Mark Robinson, DO - Christ Hospital Phys
Rosenthal, Montiel, MDChrist Hosp Physicians-FMC Montiel Rosenthal, MD - Christ Hosp Phys
Rubin, Barry, DOMercy Health Physicians-Milford Barry Rubin, DO - Mercy Health Phys
Ruschulte, Amy, MDTriHealth-Western Family PhysAmy Renee Ruschulte, MD - TriHealth
Saker, Denise, MDElm Street Health CenterCincinnati Health Department Divisions
Santos, Ria, MDSt Eliz Physicians-Florence-EwingRia Santos, MD - St. Elizabeth Healthcare
Saxena, Leila, MDUC Health Physicians-WyomingLeila Saxena, MD Physician Profile | UC Health
Schack, Brian, MDSt Eliz Physicians-Butler Brian Schack, MD - St. Elizabeth Physicians
Schaible, Pamela, MDMercy Health Physicians-Finneytown Pamela Schaible, MD - Mercy Health Phys
Schmitt, Karl, MDSt. Elizabeth Fam Prac Ctr Karl Schmitt, MD - St. Elizabeth Physicians
Schroer, Melissa, MDChrist Hospital Physicians-Delhi Melissa L. Schroer, MD - CHrist Hosp Phys
Schwartz, Sherri, MDSt Eliz Physicians-Ft ThomasSherri Schwartz, MD - St. Elizabeth Physicians
Scott, Stephen, MDSt Eliz Physicians-AlexandriaStephen Scott, MD - St. Elizabeth Physicians
Seibert, Joe, MDMercy Health Physicians-Dent Joseph Seibert, MD - Mercy Health Phys
Sheridan, Katherine, MDNorthcreek Family PracticeKatherine Coleman Sheridan, MD - TriHealth
Singh, Manoj, MDUC Health PhysiciansManoj Singh, MD Physician Profile | UC Health
Staley, Barry, MDChrist Hosp Phys-Wetherington FM Barry Staley, MD -Wetherington Family Medicine
Sweeney, Chris, MDMercy Health Physicians-EvendaleChris Sweeney, MD - Mercy Health Phys
Tenkman, Allegra, MDMercy Health Physicians-Dent Allegra R Tenkman, MD - Mercy Health Phys
Thurman, Zack, MDUC Health Physicians-Burnet Zachary Thurman, MD Physician Profile | UC Health
Tracy, Robert, MDSt Eliz Physicians-Cold SpringRobert Tracy, MD - St. Elizabeth Phys
Tubb, Matthew, MD/Ph.DUC Health Physicians-WyomingMatthew Tubb, MD Physician Profile | UC Health
Ushupun, Jeff, MDUC Health PhysiciansJeffry Ushupun, MD Physician Profile | UC Health
Vonder Brink, Rick, MDMontgomery Family Medicine Richard H. Vonder Brink, MD - TriHealth
Vormbrock, Kim, MDSt Eliz Physicians-Edgewood Kimberly Vormbrock, MD - St. Elizabeth Phys
Warden, Rob, MDChrist Hosp Phys-Oakley Robert J. Warden, MD - Christ Hosp Phys
Welsh, Gwendolyn, DOChrist Hospital Physicians-Delhi Gwendolyn L. Welsh, DO - Christ Hosp Phys
Zitelli, Steve MDBethesda Family PracticeStephen M. Zitelli, MD - TriHealth
Zmora, Oded, MDUC Health Physicians-White Oak Oded Zmora, MD Physician Profile | UC Health
Zowtiak, Chris, MDSt. Elizabeth Fam Prac Ctr Chrisanthy Zowtiak, MD - St. Elizabeth Healthcare
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