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Center for Health Informatics

Health Informatics Team

Welcome to the Center for Health Informatics

The UC Center for Health Informatics is part of the Department of Biomedical Informatics and is the academic home for health informatics researchers and educators at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine.

Through collaboration with our academic partners, CHI faculty and staff apply informatics methods, techniques and resources to innovate in the sub-domains of health informatics, to evaluate the impacts of informatics interventions, to educate the next generation of health informaticians, and to improve the quality of health and healthcare.

The University of Cincinnati Academic Health Center has a long tradition of excellence in biomedical and health informatics dating back to the receipt of our first National Library of Medicine IAIMS grants in the 1980s. Growth in this area has been extensive in recent years, facilitated by significant infrastructure developments in bioinformatics, clinical informatics, as well as the addition of key faculty with expertise in various biomedical informatics domains.

Established in 2006, the center serves as a home for health informatics research, training, and expert services at UC. Our faculty contribute their methodologic and domain expertise to the efforts of the center and our partner organizations.

The center is affiliated with other departments, hospitals and healthcare organizations around campus and the region, each of which provide real-world settings where our informatics innovations and research efforts have their ultimate impacts on biomedical science and clinical practice.

While the center's primary focus is on the sub-domains of health informatics concerned with clinical care, clinical research and public health, our faculty also collaborate closely with departments and divisions around UC and partner institutions that focus on other sub-domains biomedical and health informatics such as bioinformatics and computational biology.

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