Today is Tuesday, Jul. 7, 2020

Body Donation Program

Annual Memorial Ceremony

*The University of Cincinnati College of Medicine annually hosts a memorial service to pay homage to those individuals who have donated their bodies to insure the excellence of medical education and the advancement of medical science and have chosen to be buried in our plot at Spring Grove.

This service is conducted by representatives of the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine and various clergy. The cremains of donors are to be buried in a plot at Spring Grove Cemetery, which is identified by a monument with the inscription, "Through Their Thoughtfulness Knowledge Grows."

According to Bruce Giffin, PhD, director of the Body Donation Program, "The thoughtfulness of donors gives students an important educational experience that is critical in their training. It also provides physicians and the research scientists the opportunity to gain knowledge which may prolong or improve someone’s life."

The memorial service also serves as a way to publicly thank the families and friends of donors. These individuals are invited to attend the memorial service and may join the procession to the monument site after the service.

Memorial at Spring Grove Cemetary

How do I donate my body?

Simply contact the Body Donation Program at 513-558-5612. Forms will be sent which should be completed and distributed as indicated. Upon return of one copy to the Body Donation Program, a letter of acknowledgement and a wallet-sized donor information card will be sent to the donor.