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Jonathan Ellis

  • BS: Miami University
  • MD: University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
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Peer Reviewed Publications

Diekfuss, Jed A; Grooms, Dustin R; Nissen, Katharine S; Schneider, Daniel K; Foss, Kim D Barber; Thomas, Staci; Bonnette, Scott; Dudley, Jonathan A; Yuan, Weihong; Reddington, Danielle L; Ellis, Jonathan D; Leach, James; Gordon, Michael; Lindsey, Craig; Rushford, Ken; Shafer, Carlee; Myer, Gregory D 2019. Alterations in knee sensorimotor brain functional connectivity contributes to ACL injury in male high-school football players: a prospective neuroimaging analysis Brazilian Journal of Physical Therapy, ,

Diekfuss, Jed A; Grooms, Dustin R; Yuan, Weihong; Dudley, Jonathan; Barber Foss, Kim D; Thomas, Staci; Ellis, Jonathan D; Schneider, Daniel K; Leach, James; Bonnette, Scott; Myer, Gregory D 2019. Does brain functional connectivity contribute to musculoskeletal injury? A preliminary prospective analysis of a neural biomarker of ACL injury risk Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport, 22 2, 169-174

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