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UC Student Health Insurance

Policy Benefits, Policy Prices, and Supplemental Policies

Primary care visits at the University Health Services are no charge and there is no visit limit.

Policy Benefits

Your Student Health Insurance Booklet Download

2016-2017 Student Blanket Injury and Sickness Insurance Plan (PDF)

   Coverage Types    Premium Per Semester*  

  Per Plan** Year 

 Single Student Coverage    
 Single Student (per fall, per spring)  $1140  n/a
 Single Student (per summer)  $597  
 Dependent Coverage    
 Student +Spouse or Child over age 18  n/a  $4,560
 Student + Child under age 18  n/a  $4,204
 Student + Child under age 18    $6,128
 Student + Children over age 18  n/a  $6,840
 Student +Spouse + Child(ren) under age 18  n/a  $8,408
 Student +Spouse + Child(ren) over age 18  n/a  $9,120

 *    premium is not charged for summer semester when insured is covered during spring semester;
      spring coverage continues through summer with no additional premium due
**    plan year is August of then current year to August following current year

Dental Insurance

Gallagher Student Health and Special Risk

To see benefits description and price or to enroll under this dental vision and/or dental plan, please visit and click the green box entitled, “CLICK HERE TO GET A QUOTE OR ENROLL.”

Screen Sample

Visit this website to enroll under the dental and/or the vision coverage.

UC Blue Ash Dental Hygiene Services 
(513) 745-5630

Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Insurance

UC Student Health Insurance offers a policy for those academic programs offering classes in which students may be exposed to human bloodborne pathogens related to the students’ academic activities. The policy will cover students who volunteer at free clinics.

This policy covers all related medical expenses for the first 30 days after an exposure, anywhere in the world, without any co-payment or deductible up to a maximum of $10,000.

This policy does not cover bloodborne pathogen exposures:

  • that occur while being a paid employee,
  • related to activities that are not related to school activities such as sexual contact, and/or
  • from legal or illegal drug usage.


The cost of the policy is $31 per policy year. The effective dates are 8/8/2016 until 8/9/2017. Read the full policy: Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Insurance (PDF)

NOTE: Premiums will not be pro-rated regardless of class registration date beginning any time after 8/8/2016. There are no premium refunds if students drop out of school or if students purchase the UC SHI in a subsequent semester.

This policy is available for any program within UC that wishes to mandate the BPEI for all students enrolled in that specific program. Once a UC program has decided to offer, and has requested the assessment of, the BPEI, the premiums are automatically assessed to the tuition bills. This assessment will occur in the first semester of every policy year for which the students are enrolled in programs with the BPEI requirement, regardless of the time of year.

Students who are covered under UC Student Health Insurance (SHI) are not charged for the BPEI unless those students lose eligibility under SHI within that same academic year. Students who remain enrolled in programs with the BPEI requirement, will receive no refund of the $31.00 premium.

Program Directors wishing to add this coverage for a specific program must contact Ken Wolterman (phone: 513-556-4348) to arrange for the programming change.

Following exposures, student should report to the University Health Services Holmes Location on the medical campus, located on the fourth floor of the Holmes building (corner of Eden Avenue and Albert Sabin Way), Cincinnati, OH 45267. Hours of operation are 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Wednesdays. If it is not feasible to go to the UHS Holmes Location, students may go to any hospital emergency room.

Follow-up after exposures by calling 513-584-4457.

Claims should be filed with HealthSmart Benefit Solutions 3320 W. Market St., Suite 100, Fairlawn, OH 44333. Claim status may be checked on line at or by calling 1-800-331-1096. Contact the UC SHI Office at 513-556-6868 for any questions.

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