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For non-emergency health care needs, first seek non-emergent care at the University Health Services (UHS) in order to keep your out-of-pocket costs low. All primary care at either office location is no charge for insureds covered by Student Health Insurance (SHI) and there is no limit on the amount of times an insured visits the UHS. Primary care includes most lab services (medically necessary) and gynecological services. The UHS includes a pharmacy where insureds covered by SHI simply have a co-payment for generic and brand name medications.

Insureds covered by SHI may obtain in-network health care services beyond those available at the UHS from the United Healthcare providers in-network providers listed in the links below. The Policy also provides coverage for insureds who visit out-of-network providers however the level of coverage decreases under these circumstances.

Insureds must have a referral furnished by the UHS and dated within the then current academic year in order to receive the highest level of coverage for visits to in-network providers.

There is a $150 copayment (due upon receipt of the emergency room facility’s billing statement) when a insured visits the emergency room. However, if a call is made to UHS and a verbal referral to the emergency room is obtained from the UHS physician (UHS physicians are on call after hours), the $150 copayment is reduced to $50, if the insured is admitted to the hospital there is no copayment whatsoever. The UHS physicians can be reached at 513-556-2564.

In Network Providers (excluding behavioral health)

Physician and facility names, phone numbers, and addresses can be obtained by searching in the  United Healthcare In Network Providers Directory.

In Network Behavioral Health Providers

Behavioral health specialist names, facility names, phone numbers, and addresses can be obtained by searching in the United Healthcare In Network Behavioral Health Provider Directory.

Urgent Care Locations Within 10 Miles of The University of Cincinnati.

Urgent care list for when University Health Services is closed. (PDF)
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