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UC Student Health Insurance

Eligibility and Effective Dates


  • All students registered for Co-op, and/or for six or more credit hours are eligible for coverage and will be automatically charged both (if eligible for both) fall and spring semesters unless they have previously waived coverage during the current academic year. Note: this does not apply to those enrolled in SHI dependent policies.

  • Undergraduate students must be registered for at least six credit hours and/or Co-op to be eligible.
  • Graduate students registered for less than six credit hours are eligible to enroll for coverage provided they are registered for one graduate credit hour each semester they desire coverage (the graduate credit hour must be toward their degree and they must be matriculated into a program).  They must submit an official SHI Enrollment Form for each semester they desire coverage but before the semester deadline.    2017-2018 Enrollment Form (PDF)

  • Students enrolled in the following programs are not eligible for student health insurance: Distance Learning, Senior Audit, Professional Development, Dual Enrollment, Greater Cincinnati Consortium of Colleges & Universities. Being enrolled in a Distance Learning class and being enrolled in a Distance Learning program are entirely different enrollment statuses.  Any student who is enrolled in a Distance Learning program is not eligible for Student Health Insurance and will not be responsible for paying the Student Health Insurance premium. There are no exceptions to this rule.


 2017-18 DATES
Policy Coverage Periods
Enrollment/Waiver Deadlines

  Waive/Enroll Deadline
Effective Date
   Termination Date
 Fall 9-5-2017 8-10-2017   1-7-2018
 Spring 1-23-2018 1-8-2018   8-9-2018
 Summer 5-22-2018 5-7-2018   8-9-2018
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