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ROSE Program

Student Testimonials

Nothing has prepared me for success in medical school and beyond as much as the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine R.O.S.E. Program. 

As part of the research component of the program, I spent my two summers researching in a lab in the Division of Bipolar Disorders Research. After working closely with my mentor to choose a project, I was able to take the lead on a project studying the neurostructural effects of lithium and quetiapine, drugs commonly prescribed to treat bipolar disorder. By the end of my second summer, I was able to prepare and present an academic poster detailing the results and conclusions of my project. The experience I gained from this research internship has already benefited me immensely and has inspired me to incorporate clinical research into my career as a physician.

The observation component of the program allowed me to shadow fields of medicine that most undergraduate students are unable to experience, such as surgical oncology and transplant surgery. One of the highlights of my time in the program was the day I was able to observe a total pancreatectomy, an extensive procedure that lasted more than 8 hours!

For the service component, my fellow R.O.S.E. students and I engaged in various community service activities throughout the summer. Some of these activities included making care packages for families staying at the Ronald McDonald House and cooking dinner for residents of the Jimmy Heath House. I enjoyed having the opportunity to connect with the Cincinnati community.

Through this program, I was able to gain hands-on research experience, while also making connections with other like-minded students as well as faculty and staff at UCCOM. As a first-year medical student at UCCOM, I love having friends I met through the R.O.S.E. program in my class and having the support of the wonderful program directors. This made the transition to medical school a lot less stressful! 

Overall, I loved my experience as a student in the R.O.S.E. Program. From the community service activities to the cutting edge research opportunities, every aspect of the program is incredibly valuable. I cannot recommend an experience more highly than the R.O.S.E. Program.

--Rachel Mantyla, University of Cincinnati Class of 2015

The ROSE Program has allowed me to not only develop valuable research skills, but interpersonal skills as well. 

In the Family Medicine Department, I discovered the importance of clinical and translational research in the field of medicine. Prior to my ROSE experience, I was unsure of how to make research part of my future career, but now I understand the importance of this continuation. 

As a second year ROSE student, I presented a poster of my original research at the SURF Research Symposium.  My mentor encouraged me to submit my research to a national Medicine and Psychiatry conference, where it was accepted. If not for the ROSE Program, I would not have had the opportunity to present this research to the physicians whom it affects.  

As part of the program, I shadowed the psychiatrist who was mentoring me which increased my knowledge of the specialty, but also challenged my relational and communication skills. I was able to interact with patients to where I feel that I am ready to do, rather than simply observe.

In this way, I think the ROSE Program has been invaluable in preparing me for the future.

--Anna Wiley, Xavier University Class of 2013


My experience with the UC COM ROSE program, thus far, has been pretty radical! I have had the privilege of working in a clinical laboratory setting: I have been studying the effect(s) of Seroquel, an antipsychotic medication, on Bipolar Mania in adult patients.

I was really unfamiliar with the clinical lab setting, before my experience in the Division of Bipolar Disorders Research. I was very nervous, but very excited to acclimate to my new surroundings, procedures, co-workers, and mentor. 

Everyone in my lab was incredibly helpful -- they would bend-over-backwards to assist me with whatever problems I encountered. 

On the other hand, my co-workers and ROSE mentor(s) challenged me to think critically, evaluate carefully, and always question what I was doing. These are skills that have proven imperative for (clinical) research... and will be crucial to becoming a good clinical physician.

But, the ROSE program is more than just research – it’s a network of students, advisors, faculty, researchers, and clinicians whose top priority is to provide the most fulfilling undergraduate pre-medical experience you can find, this side of the Ohio River.

 I have had the privilege of shadowing numerous physicians in fields ranging from Neurosurgery to Radiation Oncology, spending some time helping and hanging out with children and young adults at the Brighton Center in Northern Kentucky, and attending summer lectures at the College of Medicine. 

It has been both an incredible honor and a BLAST to be part of the ROSE program at the UC College of Medicine!

--Andrew Davis, University of Cincinnati Class of 2014


As a ROSE student, I have been able to explore multiple facets of the medical field. 

In the laboratory, I have been investigating a mechanism through which skin cells maintain oxidative balance in the presence of ultraviolet radiation.  While interpreting the results that I obtained this summer, my ROSE mentor and I discussed how they could ultimately be applied to prevent skin carcinogenesis. I now have a better understanding of how scientific discoveries can be translated into medical treatments.  

This summer I also shadowed several physicians, including a pediatric surgeon and a radiation oncologist.  In addition, I attended lectures on endoscopic surgery and DNA repair.  

Through these experiences, I became more aware of what it’s like to be a physician. Along with my fellow ROSE buds, I volunteered at the Brighton Center, a safe haven for runaway youth.  

As a physician, I plan to build relationships with patients just like I did with residents of the Brighton Center.

--Lauren Dehan, Case Western Reserve University Class of 2013






ROSE students at Brighton Youth Center.

2017-18 Program Timeline

November 8, 2017 —Application opens

January 17, 2018 — Application closes at 5PM EST

February 19, 2018 — Invitations to interview sent via email by 6PM EST

February 27, 2018 & March 16, 2018 — Interviews * 
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April 9, 2018 —Admissions decisions available via MedOneStop

*Students invited to interview will be assigned to one of these interview dates. Interviews are required and are in-person at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine.