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ROSE Program

Frequently Asked Questions

What does ROSE stand for?
ROSE is an acronym for Research, Observation, Service, and Education.

Who should write my letters of recommendation? 
We do not dictate who should write your letters of recommendation. Applicants should show their discretion when selecting their recommenders.

Can my recommenders email their letter?
No. Your recommenders will submit their recommendations directly through the application portal.

Can I submit more than two letters? 
No. We will only consider the two letters submitted via the application portal. Any additional letters will not be considered.

When will I be invited in for an interview?
Interviews will be conducted in the month of March. If you are selected to interview, you will be notified in February.

I’m attending school on the west coast. Can I have a phone interview? 
The interview for this program is your medical school interview; therefore, it is vital that you are able to put your best foot forward (in person). It is recommended that you schedule your interview during your college’s spring break. Requests for exceptions to in-person interviews will be handled on a case by case basis.

Are there essay questions on the application?
Yes there are.

How will I be notified regarding changes to my application status (e.g., application received, interview status, admissions status)?
All application updates will be communicated via the application portal. You should log into your application portal (using your unique username and password) and review your application status page for any updates regarding your application. Due to the volume of applications received, please allow at least two weeks for processing all applications and updating your application status. It is STRONGLY recommended that you do not wait until the deadline to submit your application packet.

All applicants’ statuses will be updated in the application portal as admissions decisions are made. You will be notified if you are offered an interview. We ask that you do not call to inquire about your application status unless you have first checked the application portal.

Is this a rolling admissions process?
No. All status updates occur simultaneously using the application portal. 

What if I’m not a resident of Ohio, can I still apply? 
Yes; however, you must be a resident of select Kentucky or Indiana counties. Please see the Office of the Registrar website for more details.

I have AP credit for a science course. Does that count? 
Yes. AP or IB credit is sufficient for Biology, General Chemistry, or Physics. Organic Chemistry must be taken as a college course.

I received a low grade in one of my sciences courses. Can I still apply? 
Yes. All interested students are encouraged to apply. The application includes a section for you to explain any extenuating circumstances that you feel will affect your competitiveness for the ROSE program. This includes low grades, AP coursework, course selection, curriculum, and others. Please use your own discretion in determining what constitutes an extenuating circumstance.

Must I have experience in a lab to be competitive for this program?

No, but you must demonstrate a sincere interest in medical research to be considered.

If I don’t get accepted into the ROSE program, can I still apply to the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine (UCCoM) as a regular applicant? 
Absolutely. Students who do not get accepted into ROSE are encouraged to apply to UCCoM as a regular applicant. The ROSE program and application are independent from the MD regular admissions application.

I currently work in a lab with a UC faculty member. Am I still eligible to apply?
Yes. Students who currently have assignments working in a lab with UC faculty will still be considered for the ROSE program. When possible, we will attempt  to accommodate a request to continue working in your lab.

I am pursuing a five year undergraduate degree (e.g., Biomedical Engineering). Am I eligible to apply, and if so, when? 
Students enrolled in a five year undergraduate degree program are eligible to apply to ROSE. You can apply anytime, as long as you have two summers to devote to research at UCCoM before beginning medical school.

If I don’t meet one of the ROSE requirements (e.g., MCAT, GPA), can I still be accepted into UCCoM? 
Of course. You would apply and interview exactly like any other pre-medical student.

How many attempts at the MCAT do I get? 
ROSE students get two attempts at the MCAT to meet their target score.

Will my MCAT scores be averaged or will my highest subset scores be considered? 
You must earn the required scores from a single administration of the test.

Can I still apply to other medical schools?
You are free to apply to other medical schools without risking your reserved seat to UCCoM. 

What if I am interested in biomedical research, but am not certain about pursuing a medical degree? 
UCCoM offers research programs for students interested in a PhD instead of an MD. SURF (Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship)  programs provide summer research experience to students who aspire to a career in biomedical research. 

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2017-18 Program Timeline

November 8, 2017 —Application opens

January 17, 2018 — Application closes at 5PM EST

February 19, 2018 — Invitations to interview sent via email by 6PM EST

February 27, 2018 & March 16, 2018 — Interviews * 
Read more about ROSE Program interviews

April 9, 2018 —Admissions decisions available via MedOneStop

*Students invited to interview will be assigned to one of these interview dates. Interviews are required and are in-person at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine.