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Department of Pharmacology & Systems Physiology

Special Master’s Program in Physiology

Physiology Capstone

Physiology Capstone 1  |  Course # MCP8071  |  1 Credit Hour  |  Fall Semester
Physiology Capstone 2  |  Course # MCP8072  |  4–5 Credit Hours  |  Spring Semester

Class Meets: Variable  |  Syllabus (PDF)

Course Director: Roger T Worrell, PhD  |  |  Phone: 513-558-6489

The Physiology Capstone is a two-semester course sequence in which students conduct a critical literature review or laboratory-based research project on an important physiological or clinical topic. The capstone culminates in the student's capstone poster presentation and capstone paper. 

Physiology Capstone 1

The Fall Semester component includes weekly meetings to discuss literature reviews, building a bibliography, hypothesis-driven research, and introduction to laboratory research. Work in the fall semester involves regular discussion/participation, individual studies (library or lab) and graded benchmark events.

Physiology Capstone 2

The Spring Semester component is primarily focused on the student's selected project, conducting individual studies (library or lab), for which the student will earn 4 credit hours (literature review) or 4–5 credit hours (laboratory-based project). Graded bench mark events will include (1) Oral Presentation, (2) Poster Presentation, and (3) Final Document. Various scheduled group discussion meetings will occur during this period.

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