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Department of Pharmacology & Systems Physiology

Special Master’s Program in Physiology

Applying to the Special Master's Program in Physiology

The application period for the 2018–19 academic year is now closed. The application portal for the 2019–20 academic year will open on October 1, 2018. Review of applications for admission will begin on December 1, 2019. Applications must be completed by June 30, 2019.

If you submitted your 2018–19 application by the June 30, 2018 deadline:

Your application will be reviewed once supporting documentation (official MCAT score report, unofficial university transcript[s], CV, personal statement, letters of recommendation, and optional video essay) is complete. Supporting documentation must be received by July 9, 2018. Please verify that your supporting documentation is complete by visiting the Graduate School application portal. Click on "Application Status". Once your supporting documents have been uploaded, please notify Jeannie Cummins by email. We will then confirm by email that your application is complete and ready for review by the admissions committee.



Your official MCAT score report (transcript) must be released to the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine (UC COM) via the AAMC/MCAT website. You are also required to enter your AAMC ID# and your 16-digit MCAT verification code within your online application. The MCAT report must show your name, date of birth, AAMC ID#, and your 16-digit verification code.

Forwarding MCAT scores after completing your online application: Should you apply to the program before you have taken the MCAT or retake the MCAT after applying, please release your scores to the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine (UC COM), and send your official MCAT score report (transcript) via email to Jeannie Cummins.  The MCAT report must show your name, date of birth, AAMC ID#, and your 16-digit verification code.

We accept scores from either the old or new MCAT test; however, applicants should keep in mind that very few medical schools will accept MCAT scores that are more than three years old and, although we will consider older MCAT scores, the age of the scores may influence the perceived strength of the overall application.

Letters of Recommendation

We do accept letters of recommendation or committee letters via a letter service (i.e., Interfolio or from your committee advisor) if not uploaded by individual recommenders. You may send them via email directly to the UC Graduate School ( If you choose to send any required documents via US mail, please send to:

Regular U.S. postal mail:
Graduate School
University of Cincinnati
110 Van Wormer Hall
P.O. Box 210627
Cincinnati, Ohio 45221-0627

Delivery via parcel delivery service (FedEx, DHL, UPS, etc.):
Graduate School
University of Cincinnati
2614 McMicken Circle
110 Van Wormer Hall
Cincinnati, OH 45221-0627


Contact our Program Manager, Jeannie Cummins, Tel (513)558-3102.

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