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Undergraduate Program in Medical Sciences

Approved College of Medicine Courses for Minors

Students must complete a minimum of eighteen (18) credit hours to satisfy the requirements of the Medical Sciences minor. At least fifteen (15) credit hours must be approved College of Medicine courses (see below). The remaining three (3) credit hours may come from either approved College of Medicine courses or from approved non-College of Medicine courses.


MEDS 2040 Life in Medicine 3 cr Becker S
MEDS 3020 Introduction to Medical Biochemistry 3 cr Lieberman, Cartwright, Rosevear F
MEDS 3021 Fundamentals of Molecular Genetics 3 cr Menon, Wieczorek F
MEDS 3022 Human Medical Genetics 3 cr Menon, Wieczorek S
MEDS 3023C Statistics & Experimental Design for the Biomedical Sciences 3 cr Mackenzie S
MEDS 3024C+ Medical Microbiology 3 cr Askew F
MEDS 3026 Human Physiology 4 cr Worrell, Zavros F/S
MEDS 3027C Medical Histology 3 cr Askew S
MEDS 3030 Biomedical Research Rotation 2-6 cr Mackenzie F/S/U
MEDS 3040 Becoming a Master Physician 3 cr Diller S
MEDS 3050 Health & Community: Service Learning Rotation 3-6 cr Askew, Larkin F/S
MEDS 3052C Informatics for the 21st Century Medical Professional 3 cr Grant F
MEDS 3060 Interprofessional Education in Health Sciences & Medicine 1 c Mackenzie F
MEDS 4021 Clinical Embryology 3 cr Lowrie F/S/U
MEDS 4023 Immunology 3 cr Monaco, Choi S
MEDS 4024 Mechanisms of Signal Transduction 2 cr Miller S
MEDS 4025 Chemistry, Structure, and Therapeutic Application of Bio Molecules 3 cr Rosevear S
MEDS 4026 Mechanisms and Pathologies of Memory and Learning 3 cr Gruenstein S
MEDS 4027 Principles of Biochemistry I 3 cr Lieberman F
MEDS 4028 Principles of Biochemistry II 3 cr Lieberman S
MEDS 4029 Fundamentals of Medical Pharmacology 3 cr Kirley S
MEDS 4030C Introduction to Stem Cell and Tissue Engineering 3 cr Habeebahmed F
MEDS 4031 Biochemical Errors 2 cr Lieberman S
MEDS 4032 Omic Technologies 3 cr Rosevear F
MEDS 4042 Practice and Community Based Health Research 3-6 cr Elder F/S
MEDS 4047 Neurophysiology 2 cr Pixley, MacLennan S
MEDS 4050* Public Health and Infectious Disease in Southern Africa 3 cr Blackard TBD
MEDS 4051 Introduction to the HIV/AIDS Epidemic 1 cr Blackard F
MEDS 4052* Medicine and Public Health at Chongqing Medical University 3 cr Blackard TBD
MEDS 4053 Evidence-Based Public Health 3 cr CarameliF
MEDS 4054* Exploring Public Health in Ghana 3 cr Blackard TBD
MEDS 4055 Intensive Medical Spanish and Latino Health 3 cr O'Dea, Gomez U
MEDS 4057C Human Anatomy: Art and Medicine 5 cr Thompson, Giffin F

optional international travel

required international travel

Please Note: not all MEDS courses are offered each semester. Students should check Catalyst to see which courses will be offered that term.

Classroom in the Medical Sciences Building.

Medical Sciences Contacts

Anil Menon, PhD
Program Director

Dave Wieczorek, PhD
Director of Major Admissions

Beth Shelton, MEd
Program Coordinator

Rachel Shah, MEd
Academic Advisor