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Undergraduate Program in Medical Sciences

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Bearcat mascot wearing a white lab coat and a stethascope is standing in the CARE/Crawley Atrium overlooking the Health Sciences Library

"I love being part of Medical Sciences for the tight-knit community surrounding the students, faculty, and staff. Everyone is passionate about the program and willing to go beyond what is expected of them to benefit the program. I, as a student, have countless opportunities presented to me that are not present in traditional pre-med programs. I have taken exclusive classes, networked with faculty, gained shadowing and volunteer opportunities, and created my own student organization/program all through medical sciences. I firmly believe that I will be more prepared for professional school as compared to my peers not in my program in the next few years due to my participation in the program, and I would highly recommend this major to anyone aiming to attend professional school in a healthcare setting."

Emily, class of 2019

female student in white lab protective gear and gloves pipettes a substance into a test tube in a science lab

"I joined Medical Sciences for the incredible opportunities it provides for its students. Connections with medical school faculty, connections with local hospital officials, research/shadowing opportunities and the ability to take advanced medical courses truly sets Medical Sciences apart at the University of Cincinnati and makes it a program unlike any other. I feel that the program will allow me to excel academically while also building up my spirit and humanistic side, allowing me to become the best physician scientist that I can be, with a strong understanding of both the science behind medicine as well as the compassionate touch that is needed in the modern day medical world."

Kyle, class of 2019

female student wearing a MedSci tshirt facing away from the camera sits on a rock overlooking a valley beneath mountains and clouds in Peru

"I really enjoyed being in the Medical Sciences Minor because I was able to explore the field of medicine and experience the rigors of medical school coursework while I was still an undergraduate student. I received excellent mentorship from both medical students and faculty members, which is what drove me to be involved in the mentor program as a medical student. I am very thankful for all of the experiences I had throughout my time in the program. I highly recommend the program to anyone interested in a career in medicine or biomedical research."

Rachel, minor class of 2015, current MD student at UC