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TRAC (Transforming Resident Ambulatory Care)

TRAC (Transforming Resident Ambulatory Care) is a unique program designed for you to develop high quality relationships with a selected group of patients.

Your focus as part of TRAC will be to get to know people as people, not just as patients.

We modeled TRAC after Longitudinal Integrated Curricula of innovative medical schools, placing emphasis on continuity between you, your patients, and your mentors.

During TRAC you will be assigned 3 patients at the start of residency. You will meet with your assigned TRAC faculty mentor and review these patients in depth before the first visit. Your learning will be directed at the issues that your patients face, rather than a stock curriculum with little immediate relevance. You will expand your patient panel by including patients you meet on ward services that don’t have primary care physicians. Most residents will have a panel of approximately 10 patients at the end of the first year.

We have designed TRAC to enable you advocate for your patients in many ways. You will see them in the ambulatory practice when the need arises. You will accompany them to specialist visits, learning from the specialists, helping your patient understand the care they are receiving and the system in which they are receiving it. You will visit them in the Emergency Department if they present there, and will be their advocate at the bedside if they get admitted. And for a selected few, you may visit your patients at home to truly understand the context in which they live.  

At least once per month you will review your patient panel with your faculty mentor, and will have their constant support whenever you need it. Your mentor will review your monthly learning logs, direct you to learning resources you need, and help you reflect on the relationships you are developing.

You will keep your TRAC patients with you when you expand to your full Long Block panel, and you may choose to keep your TRAC patients with you after Long Block.

TRAC represents a complete redesign of the PGY-1 ambulatory experience, and complements the group practice experience of Long Block. Instead of schedules that are residency-centered, you care for your patients need when they need it, where they need it most. We want you to form relationships that matter.


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