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Faculty Scholarly Activity

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Below is a sample list of of ongoing and completed research projects by UC faculty, related to integrative health and wellness.

Research Highlights

iPress: Pain and Stress Evaluation in an Integrative Care Clinic
A practice-based ongoing examination of the effects of integrative health therapies on pain and stress across 3 UC Health Integrative Medicine clinical sites. (PI: Cotton)

Healthy Heart Yoga for Cardiovascular Conditions
An 8-week pilot clinical trial to assess the Healthy Heart Yoga Program, consisting of manualized series of  meditation, breathwork, and yoga postures for patients with cardiovascular conditions. (Co-PIs: Cotton, Attari)

Integrative Health Chronic Pain Group Visits
A Pfizer-sponsored project evaluating the feasibility and efficacy of integrative health group visits for patients with chronic pain. The study is being conducted at three UC Health PCP practice sites. (Co-PIs: Diers, Boone)

Mind-Body Skills Groups for Medical Students
An ongoing controlled trial of an 11-week mind-body group training program on stress and well-being in medical students. (PI: Cotton)

Neurofunctional and Clinical Outcomes of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy in At-Risk Youth
An ongoing controlled trial investigating the effects of MBCT-C group intervention on anxiety and neurofunctioning (fMRI) in anxious children/adolescents at risk for developing bipolar disorder. (Co-PIs: Delbello, Cotton)

Cost Savings Associated with Integrative Care in Inpatient Pediatrics
A secondary data analysis via EPIC at CCHMC assessing pain reduction and cost effectiveness of integrative care therapies in the inpatient pediatric setting. (PI: Cotton)

Believe in Your Voice
An 8-week community-based trial investigating the effects of an empirically-based music therapy intervention for at-risk youth on coping, mood and behavioral outcomes. (PI: Khosla)

BREATHE: Breathing Retraining School-Based Intervention for AA Adolescents with Asthma
A school-based randomized controlled trial examining the feasibility and efficacy of a breathing retraining intervention, as compared to an education control, in African-American adolescents with asthma.  (PI: Cotton)

Integrative Therapies and Pain-Related Outcomes among Hospitalized Neonates
A secondary data analysis examining the associations between the use of integrative care therapies (e.g., massage therapy) and heart rate, and pain-related outcomes at the NICU at CCHMC. (PI: Cotton)

SMILE: Stress Management Intervention for Living with Epilepsy
A multi-site randomized controlled trial of progressive muscle relaxation for stress management and seizure frequency reduction in adults with epilepsy. (Co-PIs: Privitera, Haut)

CCM Student and Stress
A descriptive investigation of the effects of stress, anxiety/depression on sleep quality and vocal health in undergraduate voice, drama and musical theater performance majors at CCM. (PI: Khosla)

Multidisciplinary Approach to Cardiac Rehab After Stroke
A CCTST-funded clinical trial examining interdisciplinary cardiac health rehabilitation for patients post-stroke. (PI: Dunning)

Hold It: A One-Point Acupuncture Treatment Trial for Urinary Incontinence
A small pilot trial of a one-point acupuncture treatment for symptom reduction in urinary incontinence. The study is taking place at St Elizabeth’s Hospital. (PI: Barnes)

Selected Completed Research

  • Cotton: Spiritual Coping and Quality of Life in Adolescents with Chronic Illness. Grant: #1K23HD052639-01A1
  • Tsevat: National Institutes of Mental Health. Spirituality and Will to Live in Patients with HIV/AIDS. Grant: #R01 AT001147
  • Blueberry Supplementation Improves Memory in Older Adults (PI: Krikorian) NIH
  • Neurochemical Effects of Omega-3 fatty Acids in Adolescents at Risk for Mania (PI: McNamera) NIMH
Joel Tsevat, MD

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