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Graduate Education

Master Degrees

Clinical & Translational Research Training (MS)

The Master of Science degree program in Clinical and Translational Research is designed to provide clinical professionals (physicians, nurses and other terminal degree clinical professionals) with the necessary preparation for successful career developmental and independent investigator awards.

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Environmental Health (MS)

The Epidemiology Program stresses environmental, occupational, clinical, quantitative, community, molecular and genetic epidemiology, while Biostatistics offers training in data analysis and interpretation of results, which are tied to environmental and biomedical research. These programs are closely linked, with faculty and students working together on interdisciplinary research activities. The Environmental and Occupational Hygiene Program prepares graduates for entry-level positions with industry, labor organizations or government, and also enhances established careers.

Master's Programs available in Environmental Health include:

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Genetic Counseling (MS)

The Genetic Counseling program offers a unique partnership between UC and Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center—one of the top three pediatric medical centers in the nation. Our students have workspace and clinical rotations on the same floor of the hospital as the specialists they work with, allowing them to take classes in biology, counseling techniques and genetics, and then meet with a couple who just learned their baby will be born with Down syndrome.

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Immunology (MS)

Our full-time and part-time MS programs prepare students for productive careers in academic institutions, industry and government in the expanding field of immunology.

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Molecular, Cellular and Biochemical Pharmacology (MS) - 1 year non-thesis Program

Graduates with MS degrees in Molecular, Cellular and Biochemical Pharmacology are the major future workforce in drug discovery and development research. Our program features a specialization in Safety Pharmacology, which is a highly valued qualification for new hires as well as for career advancement of working professionals. The MSSP program also prepares students for advanced academic (e.g., PhD) or professional (e.g., MD, DVM) training in the life sciences.

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Molecular Genetics, Biochemistry & Microbiology (MS)

The full or part-time master’s program offers diverse opportunities in learning and research, thereby providing the fundamental knowledge base required for successful entry into technical and scientific positions at an advanced level. Students who have completed the MS degree have also pursued additional biomedical science-related degree programs in professional or graduate schools.

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Physiology (MS) - 1 year MD Prep Program

The MS in Physiology is a one-year program that has been highly successful at helping college graduates strengthen their academic credentials for application to U.S. medical schools.

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Public Health (MPH)

Our accredited Master’s of Public Health Degree Program offers access to world-class faculty and practice-based placements with regional and global institutions of excellence including WHO, the CDC, NIOSH and the EPA.

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Biomedical Research (MS)

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Nate Papalia, graduate student.

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