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Kiran Faryar, MD - Take 3rd Place

AAEM blank Our own Dr. Faryar receiving 3rd place in the national Young Physician Section research competition at the AAEM Scientific Assembly this year. Her project looked at the changing geographic distribution of heroin and opioid users presenting in an urban ED and found abuse was predominant in non-Hispanic Whites from impoverished zip codes. Additionally, the percent increase in rural zip codes was more than double that in urban and suburban zip codes during the study period (2009-2014) .

Justin Benoit, MD wins Best Platform Presentation Award from Acute Care Research Symposium

Justin Benoit MD Emergency Medicine blank Justin Benoit, MD MS, UC Emergency Medicine, accepts Best Platform Presentation Award from ACR Symposium Planning Committee Chair Lynn Babcock, MD MS, Cincinnati Children’s Pediatric Emergency Medicine. The first annual Acute Care Research (ACR) Symposium was held April 9 from 8:00 AM–12:00 PM an was presented by the CCTST’s Acute Care Research Council, the Symposium was entitled Driving the Future—Integrity and Innovation in Acute Care Research. .

The Repercussions of Concussion

krietzer_concuss blank Emergency Medicine Physician Natalie Kreitzer, MD, uses an observation protocol to carefully assess patients for concussion or mild traumatic brain injury, and urges motorcyclists to always wear a helmet to protect against concussions and brain injuries. Read more in her Discover Health feature article .

NAEMSP 2018 Best Cardiac Arrest Research Award

benoit-naemsp blank Our own Justin Benoit, MD recently received the 2018 award for Best Cardiac Research Presentation by the National Association of EMS Physicians. Dr. Benoit won the award with his presentation "Timing of Advanced Airway Placement After Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest: Earlier is Better.