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Whats the Difference Between You On The Last Day Of Medical School And The First Day Of Intern Year?


Not a whole lot. Overwhelming does not even being to describe the transition from medical student to resident, yet you're expected to do it seamlessly. The Get Ready for Residency (GRR) course is meant to assist in this vital transition, emphasizing practical skills you might not have learned as a student. While run through the Department of Emergency Medicine, the course is meant to help prepare students entering any specialty for the next phase of their training.

We welcome you to explore the site for the course scheduledaily summaries, and our new twitter feed that will be used during the course. Check back often for updates!

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Directors:          Whitney Bryant, MD, MPH         Term: March 2018
     Sarah Ronan-Bentle, MD, MS    
     Anita Goel, MD    
     Grace Lagasse, MD    
     Lauren Titone, MD    
 Administrator:    Melissa Murphy    Class Days: M/T/Th/F 
 Phone:    513-558-8087     Class Hours: 8:30AM- 4:30PM 
 Email:    Class Location: MSB 1654 R 
 Website:    GRR Website     
 Office hours:    By appointment    
Get Ready for Residency