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Emergency Medicine

Emergency Medical Services

All fire departments and medical transportation services are required by state law to have a physician medical director. UC Department of Emergency Medicine's Division of EMS provides this service to over 30 departments in the region including Hamilton, Warren, Butler and Clermont counties.

Bringing quality health care to the community through:

  • Medical Direction for over 30 Fire Departments in Southwest Ohio, covering a population over 650,000
  • One of the first nationally accredited EMS Fellowship Programs in the country
  • Providing over 14,000 hours of EMS Continuing Education hours to the EMS/Fire Community
  • Providing the Physician First Responder Training course to first year Medical Students
  • Leadership in regional disaster responses
  • International response to catastrophes and medical support to specialty service units in the region such as SWAT, Urban Search & Rescue, Mass Gathering Events, and Ohio Task Force One.


The EMS Division also boasts specialized services including Special Operations; Tactical EMS; Dignitary Protection; Emergency Management; Mass Gathering and Mass Casualty Care; and Urban Search and Rescue.


"What's Happening"...


"Benoit Ditch Acting Career for Medical School"

One of our medical directors wanted to be an actor?



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"UC Selected as One of 11 Nationwide Hubs for Emergency Care Clinical Trial"


Jay Johannigman MD, Jason McMullan MD, Opeolu Adeoye MD and Greg Fermann MD, recipients of the SIREN grant from NIH.

The UC Department of Emergency Medicine has been selected as one of 11 hubs across the United States to serve within a network designed to improve emergency care clinical trails.

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"UC Medical Students ARE Ready if They Are First on the Scene"

Sarah Smith




It's true the Class of 2021 still has a long way to go before treating patients, but first-year medical student Sarah Smith says a month into medical school she feels much better about helping an injured party if she witnesses an accident or traumatic injury.

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"Who's Ready When You Need Them?"  

Emergency Medicine in the Community

Emergency Medicine and the Community

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Div. of EMS - Mission Statement:

The primary mission of the EMS Division is tripartite, but exclusively focused on support of the communities in the Cincinnati region.  The three missions, represented by the three stars in the division patch are:

  • Support research that advances the fund of knowledge utilized by EMS;
  • Provision of education to and about Emergency Medical Services;
  • Provide prehospital medical direction and support to the region.


Div. of EMS - Vision:

Prompt exceptional prehospital care through research, education & medical direction.


Div. of EMS

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