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Department of Environmental Health

Center for Biostatical Services

Center for Biostatical Services

The Center for Biostatistical Services, as a core unit of the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, is located in G-27 Kettering Laboratory and is administratively housed in the Department of Environmental Health. The Center has been in existence since 1998. The mission of this center is to “leverage funding on grants” by providing first-rate Biostatistical assistance to the grant proposals. Rakesh Shukla, Ph.D., Professor of Biostatistics & Epidemiology of Environmental Health, is a founder director of the Center. During the years of its operation, the Center has assisted in 364 grant proposals till June 2009. Of these, 88 have been funded so far, generating $94.4 million total dollars.

The Center’s current personnel consist of seven biostatistics faculty with varying FTEs (10% to 50%) devoted to the pre-award activity. Faculty members from the Medical Center, as well as the rest of the University, rely on the Center’s faculty for statistical help. In addition, the Center employs several part-time and full-time MS level Biostatisticians. The Center has an MS level Biostatistician Shu Zheng, MS(Stat) as the Center’s Program Coordinator. The Program Coordinator oversees and handles the Center’s financial matters including day-to-day management of the Center’s activities. The Center has several biostatistics graduate students, at various levels of their training, as well as Postdoc, who assist in analyses, and other consulting services.

The Center has many on-going projects. There are several projects with the Psychiatry & Nephrology departments, in which we are providing biostatistical analyses and database design and management. The Center has also served as a Data Coordinating Center for a project in Complementary and Alternative Medicine. The Center has on-going projects with many departments as well as some non-university clients. To help with these projects, the Center has access to state of the art software and computers, biostatistical literature, besides having a team of the finest and dedicated biostatisticians.

For more information on the Center, Please call (513-558-0108) or e-mail Dr. Rakesh Shukla