Today is Thursday, Mar. 22, 2018

Department of Environmental Health

Risk Science Center (RSC)


The Risk Science Center has started developing scientific webinars for the the toxicology and risk assessment community. Webinars will range on various basic toxicology topics to advance research and methods presented by experts in the field.


Advancing the Science:  Chemical-Induced Asthma

This webinar series will discuss the advances being made with chemical-induced asthma and the role of clinical, toxicological, and epidemiological research in regulatory and hazard characterization approaches. Click here to access the 5 difference asthma modules.


Practitioner's Guide to Risk Assessment for Developmental and Reproductive  Toxicology (DART)  



Who should attend?  
Health scientists and product steward‐ship professionals who need to consider the potential for re‐productive and developmental effects of their chemicals or products. 

Learning objectives:
   Interpreting adversity of DART endpoints 
   Applying dose‐response techniques 
   Evaluating mode of action and human relevance 
   Optimizing testing needs and strategies 
   Understanding key concepts in current risk assessment guidance for DART