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Department of Environmental Health

Risk Science Center (RSC)

Building Partnerships

Risk Science Center Builds Partnerships

In fulfilling its mission to protect public health, the Risk Science Center builds partnerships between industry and government to incorporate the best science in the development of risk assessment values and methods. Such partnerships provide the opportunity to leverage the scarce government funds that are available to keep up with the growing number of studies and improvements in risk methods. For example, it would take over 20 years in order to provide only one update to the over 500 chemicals on IRIS, given the current rate of reevaluations by the IRIS program. Involving scientists who are not government employees or government contractors in assessments can take advantage of expert knowledge on the individual chemical; outside scientists may also be given more time to fully explore all technical issues. 

The Risk Science Center fosters partnerships in a number of ways:

  • We can bring together two or more groups interested in a specific chemical, and provide informed and neutral guidance and advice.

  • To an existing process we can provide ongoing neutral technical facilitation and oversight as needed.

  • We can work with EPA to facilitate its review of an assessment prepared by us for an industry organization. This may result in EPA putting the chemical on its IRIS list, or even in EPA jointly sponsoring a portion of the assessment.

  • ITER Peer Review Program provides an avenue for independent assessments to undergo rigorous review by a panel experts in risk assessment and other relevant fields from government, industry, and academia. After approval by the panel, these values are made widely available to the public at