The U.C. Hausfeld-Kluener Microscopy Lab

Welcome to the H and K Microscopy Facility at the University of Cincinnati Department of Surgery. This lab is dedicated to providing quality service in the areas of light, and electron microscopy as well as computer-aided image analysis to patrons inside and outside the university system.


The H and K Facility has, at its disposal, a JEOL 100CX Scanning/Transmission electron microscope, a JEOL 35U scanning electron microscope, and two research grade light micrscopes, equipped with a black and white or color video camera respectively. These instruments are interfaced with a Semicaps computer imaging system.
These apparati give us the ability to provide the following services:

Service Fees

In order to provide service to the community we have found it nessessary to charge small duties for work done. In this way we are able to defray the costs of operating the facility. These charges are broken down into three scales: one for inside the UC surgical department, one for the UC community as a whole, and one for patrons coming from outside the university entirely.
These Pricing Scales are posted here for your interest and comparison.


As time goes on we will post