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Chenran Wang, PhD

Assistant Professor

Contact Information
  • Vontz Center for Molecular Studies
  • Room 3316
  • 3125 Eden Ave
  • Cincinnati, Ohio 45267
  • Office (513) 558-4816
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Peer Reviewed Publications

Yeo, Syn Kok; Paul, Ritama; Haas, Michael; Wang, Chenran; Guan, Jun-Lin 2018. Improved efficacy of mitochondrial disrupting agents upon inhibition of autophagy in a mouse model of BRCA1-deficient breast cancer. Autophagy, 14 7, 1214-1225

Wang, Chenran; Yeo, Syn; Haas, Michael A; Guan, Jun-Lin 2017. Autophagy gene FIP200 in neural progenitors non-cell autonomously controls differentiation by regulating microglia. The Journal of cell biology, 216 8, 2581-2596

Chen, Song; Wang, Chenran; Yeo, Syn; Liang, Chun-Chi; Okamoto, Takako; Sun, Shaogang; Wen, Jian; Guan, Jun-Lin 2016. Distinct roles of autophagy-dependent and -independent functions of FIP200 revealed by generation and analysis of a mutant knock-in mouse model. Genes & development, 30 7, 856-69

Wang, Chenran; Chen, Song; Yeo, Syn; Karsli-Uzunbas, Gizem; White, Eileen; Mizushima, Noboru; Virgin, Herbert W; Guan, Jun-Lin 2016. Elevated p62/SQSTM1 determines the fate of autophagy-deficient neural stem cells by increasing superoxide. The Journal of cell biology, 212 5, 545-60

Wen, Jian; Yeo, Syn; Wang, Chenran; Chen, Song; Sun, Shaogang; Haas, Michael A; Tu, Wei; Jin, Feng; Guan, Jun-Lin 2015. Autophagy inhibition re-sensitizes pulse stimulation-selected paclitaxel-resistant triple negative breast cancer cells to chemotherapy-induced apoptosis. Breast cancer research and treatment, 149 3, 619-29

Kim, Edward; Wang, Yuan; Kim, Sun-Jung; Bornhorst, Miriam; Jecrois, Emmanuelle S; Anthony, Todd E; Wang, Chenran; Li, Yi E; Guan, Jun-Lin; Murphy, Geoffrey G; Zhu, Yuan 2014. Transient inhibition of the ERK pathway prevents cerebellar developmental defects and improves long-term motor functions in murine models of neurofibromatosis type 1. eLife, 3 ,

Wei, Huijun; Wang, Chenran; Croce, Carlo M; Guan, Jun-Lin 2014. p62/SQSTM1 synergizes with autophagy for tumor growth in vivo. Genes & development, 28 11, 1204-16

Wang, Chenran; Haas, Michael A., Yang, Fuchun; Yeo, Syn; Okamoto, Takako; Chen, Song; Wen, Jian; Sarma, Pranjal; Plas, David R.; Guan, Jun-Lin 11-11-2019. Autophagic lipid metabolism sustains mTORC1 activity in TSC-deficient neural stem cells Nature Metabolism, 1, , 1127–1140