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Body Donation Program

Contact Us/Staff

If you would like to learn more about the Body Donation Program or to obtain the necessary forms needed for donation, please contact us at:

Phone: 513-558-5612
FAX: 513-558-2727

The Body Donation Program
University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
PO Box 670667
Cincinnati, OH 45267-0667

Bruce Giffin, PhD
Professor and Vice Chair of Medical Education,
and Associate Dean for Medical Education (interim)

  Laura Garrison

Body Donation Program Director

Martin Molony
College Lab Manager
Deena Maley
Program Coordinator
Student studying.

How do I donate my body?

Simply contact the Body Donation Program at 513-558-5612. Forms will be sent which should be completed and distributed as indicated. Upon return of one copy to the Body Donation Program, a letter of acknowledgement and a wallet-sized donor information card will be sent to the donor.