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ASPET Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships

The Experience

Number of ASPET SURF students and ASPET SURF Stipends

The UC-ASPET SURF Program will select and appoint 5 undergraduate trainees each summer as Dalton/Zannoni Fellows. Each Fellow will receive a stipend of $4,000 for the full time 10 week research training program. Stipends for the ASPET SURF Program student will be comparable to stipends offered to undergraduate students accepted to other SURF programs at the University of Cincinnati Academic Health Center.

Research Training of ASPET SURF Student

ASPET SURF students will be trained in laboratory and research project specific methods, techniques and relevant literature. The student will receive necessary laboratory safety training and complete required laboratory and university procedure certifications. The student will be expected to learn quickly and apply skills to contribute significantly to the research project by completing the goals of the assigned research. The project faculty mentor and his/her laboratory research team will provide daily guidance and weekly review of the trainee's research project progress and scientific writing.

Social Program

There will be organized and impromptu social events for the ASPET SURF students which may include students in other SURF programs for scheduled social activities. Events will include opportunities to orient students to the University of Cincinnati, City of Cincinnati and its neighborhoods. Some social events will be complimentary; others may require student expenditure for tickets, etc.


Dormitory rooms are available at student occupancy rates on the main campus of the University of Cincinnati within 0.5 miles of the College of Medicine, and can be quickly reached by the Bearcat Express shuttle service. ASPET SURF students can also arrange for summer sub-lets near to the campus. There are a wide variety of food choices on campus and nearby. Specific information about University room costs will be provided upon acceptance to the program, but students can visit the UC Housing and Food Service for some general information in advance.

Group of ASPEt Students

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