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Meet your Student Wellness Team

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Boma Afonya


Student Groups: Student Wellness Committee, Student National Medical Association (SNMA)
Research Interests: Skin of color and would healing.
Career Goals: I am interested in Dermatology and Radiology, being involved in global health especially in my home-country Nigeria and working to improve health care quality.
Favorite Strategies for Wellness: Taking long walks in my neighborhood, meditation, exercise.
Hobbies: Cooking Nigerian food, baking, reading, watching crime-TV shows and Bollywood movies I can get my hands on, hanging out with family, and sleep (yes sleep!).
Matt Byrne SWC

Matt Byrne


Student Groups:Student orientation leader, student wellness committee, cardiology and cardiothoracic surgery interest group, men's health club.
Research Interests:Pearson Syndrome and other mitochondrial deletion disorders; bio engineered heart valves.
Career Goals: To travel the world.
Favorite Strategies for Wellness: Yoga, racquetball, 5-minute breathing exercises, and exploring Cincinnati.
Hobbies: Culinary tourism, Irish music.
Image of Olivia Gobble

Olivia Gobble


Student Groups:Med Mentors, Women Leading Healthy Change, MedVoUC, Emergency medicine Interest Group, Student Wellness.
Career Goals:Working hands on in a career and community where I feel like I can truly make a difference.
Favorite Strategies for Wellness: Yoga, yoga, yoga, long walks with my dog in the sunshine, sitting and doing nothing on purpose for 10 minutes.
Hobbies:Hanging out with my malipoo, spending time with friends and family, yoga, walking in the endless parks of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, reading, listening to audiobooks.
Picture of Jordan Hickey

Jordan Hickey


Student Groups:Student Wellness, Culinary Club, UC Teaching Kitchen, Integrative Medicine Student Interest Group
Favorite Strategies for Wellness: Exercise! Meditate every day, and spend a few minutes outside never hurts!
Research Interests: Undecided. This summer I will work on a project to improve prenatal care of under-served populations.
Career Goals:Undecided. Leaning toward Emergency Medicine or OBGYN. Mainly, a career that allows community engagement.
Hobbies: Cooking a home-cooked meal, play guitar, binge-watch Netflix, hiking, reading non-medical books.
picture of Caroline Horton

Caroline Horton


Student Groups:Student Wellness Helpline Coordinator, UC Open School Co-Chair, Psychiatry MSSP Candidate
Research Interests: Bipolar Disorder
Career Goals: I am open to exploring any field, but I am currently most interested in learning about psychiatry and family medicine!
Favorite Strategies for wellness: Listening to music, talking with people I love, and taking a step back to appreciate the here and now are ways that help me de-stress and bring perspective back to my life.
Hobbies: Cooking, painting, watching anime!
picture Kelsey Nusbaum

Kelsey Nusbaum


Student Groups:Student Wellness Committee, Mind-Body workshop participant, Admissions Student Ambassador
Research Interests: the gut microbiome, immunology, integrative medicine
Career Goals: Becoming more undecided by the day, but I hope to find a specialty that I am passionate about and focus on providing holistic patient care.
Favorite Strategies for wellness: the Calm app meditations, running with my dog, getting outside
Hobbies: Traveling, spending time with family and friends, teaching my dog new tricks.
Image of Paige Morrison

Paige Morrison


Student Groups:Student Wellness Committee, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Interest Group, Take 10 CPR Coordinator
Research Interests: Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury Outcomes, Muscle Force and Fatigue in Varying Environments
Career Goals: Practice medicine at a teaching facility where I will help to educate future physicians
Favorite Strategies for wellness: Outdoor Runs & Hikes, Spending time with my dog, Guided Meditations
Hobbies: Sewing & Crafting, Rock Climbing, Listening to Audiobooks and Podcasts
Image of Mahad Raheel

Mahad Raheel


Student Groups:Student Wellness Committee, UCCOM Chorus
Research Interests: I will be working with Dr. Blackard on a Hep B and C bioinformatics projects over the summer. I'm also interested in pulmonology research, particularly COPD.
Career Goals: I haven't decided what I want to go into quite yet. People that know me, however, have predicted that I will most likely end up in Internal Medicine.
Favorite Strategies for wellness: maintain an active lifestyle. You can usually find me floating around the Fitness Center in the evenings. When the weather is nice, I like to go for walks.
Hobbies: playing guitar, making sketches, trying out new recipes, and reading history books.
Image of Vanessa Wagner

Vanessa Wagner


Student Groups:Student Wellness Committee, Anatomy Practice Practical team, Peds Club
Research Interests: 
Career Goals: SWC, Undecided, but I'm interested in pediatrics and/or neurology.
Favorite Strategies for wellness: getting great sleep and lots of fresh air, working out, and hanging out with family and friends
Hobbies: baking, spending time outdoors, watching too much Netflix, and wishing my dog was here

Meet your Student Wellness Ambassadors

Amanda Beyer SWC

Amanda Beyer


Student Groups: Student Wellness Ambassador, Med Mentors, Peds Club, Nutrition Scholars Program, Medical Spanish and Latino Health
Research Interests:Pediatric food allergy, nutrition, integrative medicine
Career Goals:I hope to become a clinician in a subspecialty of pediatrics and also conduct clinical research..
Favorite Strategies for Wellness: Walking or running in nature, meditation with
Hobbies: Marathon training, vegetarian cooking, listening to audiobooks.
Image of Selena Dasari

Selena Dasari


Student Groups:Student Wellness Ambassador, Integrative Medicine Interest Group, AMA, Nutrition Scholars
Research Interests: Nutrition, Mental Health, stress on the molecular level
Career Goals: Create a medical practice I love and that helps many people.
Favorite Strategies for wellness: Running, meditation, being outdoors
Hobbies: soccer, working out/running, singing in the shower.
Katelyn Gordon

Katelyn Gordon


Student Groups: Student Wellness Ambassador, Women Leading Healthy Change, Financial Aid Advisory Committee, Nutrition Medical Student Scholars Program.
Research Interests: Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Gastroenterology
Career Goals: Career in academic medicine in a sub-specialty in pediatrics with a research focus related to nutrition.
Favorite Strategies for Wellness: Meditation, Yoga, running, and cooking healthful foods
Hobbies: Traveling, cooking/baking, exercise, binge-watching culinary shows, reading.
Tricia Hengehold

Tricia Hengehold


Student Groups:AMA, Student Wellness Ambassador
Research Interests:Emergency Medicine, Surgery
Career Goals:Choosing a specialty that is hands on and that I love
Favorite Strategies for Wellness: Finding an exercise routine that gives you non-academic goals!
Hobbies:Running, spending time outdoors and making time to see friends
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