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Meet your Student Wellness Team

Picture of Neelab Abdullah

Neelab Abdullah


Student Groups:Bearcat Mentors, Med Mentors, Student Wellness Committee, UC Open School
Research Interests: Lower back pain
Career Goals:Internal Medicine or Family Medicine
Favorite Strategies for Wellness:Acupuncture, yoga, walking, hanging out with friends, and sleeping
Hobbies: Exploring coffee shops around the city. Trying out new restaurants with my nephews.


Picture of Emily Balon

Emily Balon


Student Groups: Geriatric Medical Student Scholars Program, Integrative Medicine Interest Group, Student Wellness Committee
Research Interests:I haven't found a specific interest in research yet, but I am looking forward to participating in a research program this summer.
Career Goals: A balanced career with maximal health and happiness for myself, my patients, and my coworkers
Favorite Strategies for Wellness: I use an app called ATracker which has helped me to visualize how much time I am dedicating to the different areas of my life like.
Hobbies: Eating ice cream, petting dogs, listening to audio-books, maintaining houseplants, exercising from time to time, and napping.
Picture of Jacob DeBellis

Jacob DeBellis


Student Groups: Ophthalmology (Co-chair), Vascular Surgery (Co-chair), and Student Wellness Committee

Career Goals: Happiness
Favorite Strategies for Wellness: Mindfulness, guitar, reading, basketball, regular contact w/ friends
Hobbies: Guitar, basketball, video games, reading, comedy



Picture of Erin Glankler

Erin Glankler


Student Groups: Med Mentors, Pediatric Interest Group, and Student Wellness Committee<.div> Research Interests: Pediatrics, Oncology
Career Goals: Pediatrics or combined Internal Medicine/Pediatrics
Favorite Strategies for Wellness: Aromatherapy, meditation, weekly calls with my family
Hobbies: Reading, running, volunteering at Ronald McDonald House


Picture Chelsea McElroy

Chelsea McElroy


Student Groups: PM&R Interest Group, Student Wellness Committee, and Women Leading Healthy Change
Research Interests: Pediatric traumatic brain injury
Career Goals: Open to different specialties but I hope I can have long term relationships with patients and improve their day-to-day lives.
Favorite Strategies for wellness: Hanging out with my puppy (especially outside), mindfulness exercises
Hobbies: Also hanging out with my puppy, cooking, reading too many true-crime stories


Picture of Erik McKee

Erik McKee


Student Groups: Med Mentors, Ophthalmology Interest Group, Student Wellness Committee (co-president), and Take 10 CPR
Research Interests: Undecided, but looking into Ophthalmology research for the summer
Career Goals: To make a tangible, hands-on impact in the lives of my patients while maintaining a work-life balance
Favorite Strategies for wellness: I enjoy listening to guided meditations. Weightlifting and running are also great for stress-relief, especially done outdoors!
Hobbies: Exercising, Surfing, Beach Volleyball, Skiing, and Netflix binging
Picture of Andrew Rice

Andrew Rice


Student Groups: Men’s Health and Student Wellness Committee
Research Interests: I will be doing research on pediatric sleep apnea this summer 
Career Goals: I'm still deciding which specialty best fits my interest and talents
Favorite Strategies for wellness: Exercise and yoga
Hobbies: Hiking, fishing, and weight lifting


Picture of Stephanie Shi

Stephanie Shi 


Student Groups: Internal Medicine Interest Group, and Student Wellness Committee
Research Interests: Clinical research 
Career Goals: I am currently undecided though whichever specialty I choose, my goal is to educate and empower patients to take better care of their health
Favorite Strategies for wellness: Exercise (running), getting enough sleep, cooking, reading, listening to music and podcasts, talking to friends and family
Hobbies: Reading, watching movies, cooking, practicing calligraphy, spending time in nature
Picture of Katya Sracic

Katya Sracic 


Student Groups: American Medical Association, Camp Neuro, MedPharm (co-president), and Student Wellness Committee (co-president).
Research Interests: I am interested in symptom management and overall improvement in functionality and quality of life. This summer I will do research related to the perception of pain under Dr. Robert Coghill and Dr. Christopher King.
Career Goals: Pediatric Palliative Care
Favorite Strategies for wellness: Working out, especially rock climbing, and periodic coffee breaks with my friends
Hobbies: Rock Climbing, Coffee, staying active, tacos (making, eating, trying new taco restaurants)
Picture of Audrey Walters

Audrey Walters


Student Groups: American Medical Women's Association, Stanford Youth Diabetes Coaches Program, Student Wellness Committee
Research Interests: Pediatric chronic disease, nutrition
Career Goals: I am open-minded, but interested in sub-specializing within pediatrics!
Favorite Strategies for Wellness:Staying active and spending time outside! Also making time to cook healthy meals 
Hobbies: Running, group fitness, spending time with friends and family


Meet your Student Wellness Ambassadors

Picture of Selena Dasari

  Selena Dasari


Student Groups:Student Wellness Ambassador, Integrative Medicine Interest Group, AMA, Nutrition Scholars
Research Interests: Nutrition, Mental Health, stress on the molecular level
Career Goals: Create a medical practice I love and that helps many people.
Favorite Strategies for wellness: Running, meditation, being outdoors
Hobbies:soccer, working out/running, singing in the shower.


Kelsey's SWC Picture

Kelsey Nusbaum


Student Groups: Student Wellness Committee, Mind-Body workshop participant, Admissions Student Ambassador 
Research Interests: the gut microbiome, immunology, integrative medicine
Career Goals: Becoming more undecided by the day, but I hope to find a specialty that I am passionate about and focus on providing holistic patient care.
Favorite Strategies for Wellness: the Calm app meditations, running with my dog, getting outside
Hobbies: Traveling, spending time with family and friends, teaching my dog new tricks
Amanda Beyer's SWC Picture

Amanda Beyer


Student Groups: Student Wellness Ambassador, Urban Health Project, Medical Spanish and Latino Health Elective, Med Mentors, St. Baldrick's, Mind-Body Skills Program, Nutrition Medical Student Scholars Program
Research Interests: Pediatric Allergy and Immunology
Career Goals: Pediatrics in an urban academic center with a focus on clinical research
Favorite Strategies for Wellness: Running, meal prep, meditation
Hobbies: Long-distance running, scrapbooking, travel, listening to podcasts 
Tai Chi class

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