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Medical Student Academic Support & Counseling


USMLE Preparatory Support

The assistant dean for academic support and the learning specialist provide preparatory support for the USMLE step exams. This comes in the form of large group informational meetings as well as individual consultations. 

The assistant dean for academic support and the learning specialist make recommendations for study materials, provide information on how to access and use study resources, offer sample schedules, and give recommended time frames and data on previous UC College of Medicine classes. 

Students may also receive suggestions for managing test anxiety, improving test-taking strategy and other behavioral strategies for promoting success. 

Step 1 Prep Series

Time frame: Title: Type:
Nov Preparing for a Successful Step 1 Informational
Nov How to Study Using Practice Questions Instructional
Dec-April Student Led Board Review Course Instructional
March How to Study for Step 1 During Dedicated Study Period Moderated M3 student panel
April Administration of the Comprehensive Basic Science Examination CBSE Step 1 practice exam
April How to Use the CBSE Results to Help Design Your Step 1 Study Plan Informational

USMLE Step 1 Student-Led Board Review Course

The assistant dean for academic support and the learning specialist co-direct the student led board review course for Step 1. This course uses a small group problem based format facilitated by M4 and MSTP students. Groups consist of 6-8 students and meet once a week for 2 hours.  The course runs throughout the spring semester.

The course is excellent preparation for the UCCOM administered NBME Comprehensive Basic Science Exam, which serves as a practice for the Step 1 exam. This course is free of charge and all second year medical students are automatically enrolled. Participation is not mandatory, but attendance is encouraged. 

This course is not graded and does not appear on the official transcript. 

UCCOM USMLE Performance

USMLE Step 1       UCCOM Mean National Mean UCCOM Percent Passing
2014 232 229 94
2015 236 229 98
2016 238 228 98
2017 241 230  99 
USMLE Step 2 CK UCCOM Mean National Mean UCCOM Percent Passing
2014 241 240 98
2015 246 242 99
2016 245 242 98
2017 (Interim) 248 241  97

Exam Master

Students are provided with free unlimited access to a USMLE practice question bank through the Health Sciences Library.  Students can access thousands of practice questions for use with the basic sciences in years 1 and 2, NBME shelf exams in year 3 and board prep for Steps 1 and 2.

Student studying.

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